Got bored of long study hours?

Here’s a list of some creative things you can do to keep yourself going.

Have hectic class schedules and long study hours left you totally exhausted? Are you sitting and wondering what to do in your free time? You desperately need a break but a break, that doesn’t take you away from your schedule and instead boosts up your exam preparation. Well, firstly it is extremely important that you take breaks in between long study hours as they will help your brain process the information you are bombarding it with daily. Today we want to write about something apart from studies, something that you all have been wondering and thinking of since you started your preparation. We are sure you have always wanted to know the creative things you can do during your break time. We have specially written this for you and will bring to you a list of creative things that you must do during your free time, which will not misalign you with your preparation.

Creative things to do

While a break is always necessary, here we will discuss about the creative things you can do in your breaks:

Creative things to do

  1. Music: ‘Where words fail, music speaks’. So whenever you feel bored and need an instant dose of energy to get rid of your mundane life. Pick up your earphones and play your choice of music. If you love to dance, tap your feet to your favorite song and you will see the results instantly. Music can do great things to your mood. Music of all genre have their own significance. If you want to feel happy, you can listen to happy songs and this works the other way around too. Music also helps your imagination to flow freely which is good for both your creativity and health. One added benefit is music helps you remember things faster so it will also increase your memory.
  2. Newspaper: You must have a habit of reading at least one newspaper daily, not because adults say so, but because it makes you a conscious person. While taking a break you can read the newspaper. This will make you aware of what is going around the world, which in turn will also help you in your GS paper and in the interview as well. During the interview you will come across as an aware citizen who knows about new avenues in science, politics, geography, sports and economics. Reading newspaper is also a very productive activity which everyone, whether preparing for an exam or not, must read.
  3. Sports/ Walk: ‘Sports is the greatest physical poetry’ therefore you must pick up a sport and take time to play it. If you cannot take out time daily then maybe twice a week will also suffice. Apart from a fun break, playing any sports will help you in your weight management, improve your blood circulation and make your brain sharper. No play and only studies makes you dull, so make sure if not playing or running, you must at least go for a walk whether in the morning or in the evening. It will provide you with a much needed rest along with rejuvenating your mind and mood. It will also keep you fit and healthy and despite the long hours you study, you will stay healthy as a horse. During this small walk, you can also make plans for your studies or you can introspect your daily targets; this will help you to streamline your studies in a better way.
  4. Hobby: Before starting our exam preparation, we all had that one thing that we did which gave us immense joy; it may be writing, painting, dancing, travelling or anything which we used to say was our hobby. Just because of your exam, don’t let your happiness take a backseat. Whenever you get time, go back to your hobby. If you like writing, then just pick up a paper and write about what is going on in your life, and about how you feel. Penning down yourself will rinse you off of all the mental baggage and make your mind clear of all tension. If you like travelling, instead of visiting new places you can visit the museums, tombs or any other historical place in your city. This wouldn’t even make you feel guilty and would lighten up your mood as well. In 2-3 months, if you feel your studies are going on track, you can always take a weekend off and visit and explore some nearby city.
  5. Novels: Whenever you read about any successful man, the one thing common in all of them is their habit and passion for reading. Well, inculcating a habit of reading, whether you read fiction or non-fiction doesn’t matter, reading increases your thinking ability and you will soon realize the change in you. During your preparation you can try reading biographies of successful people like Benjamin Franklin, Anne Fran, APJ Abdul Kalam or non-fictional books like Discovery of India, India after Gandhi which will help you know about your country and the world history, in turn, helping you with your GS. One advice would be not to start with heavy books, novels as that would engage you so much that you may end up reading novels all day and pick up your study books during free time.
  6. Friends/family: If you are away from home, during the exam preparation you tend to stay away from your old friends and do not get enough time to talk to your parents. So picking up the phone and calling old friends can help you relive the good old fun times you had spent with them and will revitalize you with an altogether new energy. If you stay at home then you can, once in a blue moon, plan a dinner with your family and have a great time talking and chatting with them. Research has shown that spending time with friends and family makes a big difference when it comes to happiness. While money can’t buy you happiness, spending time with family and friends is always a good investment.
  7. Movie: As engineering graduates, we have all watched lots of movies in college, bunked college to watch the first day first show, but this GATE/ESE preparation tends to take away this from us. Well that’s not completely true. Maybe not at the same frequency but once a month you can take out time to watch a good movie, change your surroundings, have a good laugh and enjoy your time. But make sure that you have earned this time. Set monthly targets and when you have finished them, treat yourself, go out with your friends and watch a good movie.
  8. Meditate: ‘The goal of meditation is not to control our thoughts, but to stop letting them control you’. Every morning before you begin your daily chores, sit for a brief period of 10 minutes and meditate. During the exam preparation it is extremely necessary that we don’t let any foreign, unwanted thoughts control us therefore whenever you need a break from studies just close your eyes and meditate. If you can do it on your own it is good but if not there are apps like Insight timer, headspace and many more to help you.
  9. Nap: During this preparation many students sacrifice their sleep for studies. You must remember that sleep is in itself a rejuvenating exercise which your body requires daily. Skipping sleep can buy you time now but in the long run will cost you heavily. Therefore, if you are bored and tired, go back to your bed and take a nap. A power nap for 10-15 minutes always helps during the preparation as it revitalizes you and you are back in form with the same enthusiasm.
  10. Social work: There is nothing in the world that would give you more happiness than seeing a smile on someone’s face. So whenever you have time find yourself an NGO or an old age home and go spend some time with them. If you can, take something for them and gift them a smile by investing your time in them. ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’. So, to all the aspiring government officers, it is necessary that you begin your work from now and only then can you serve the nation better later.

 So these are the 10 things you can do whenever you are bored. Depending on your choice, interest and behavior you can choose to do whatever you feel and that will give you the most happiness. But do not forget that ‘ In a race It is necessary that you take a break and rejuvenate yourself, otherwise by the end of the race you may feel weak and the others may move ahead crawling over you’. So it is extremely necessary that you pause, take a break and then start with fresh energy again.

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  • November 30, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Nice post. I get bored of long study. This is very useful to maintain consistency in my preparation.

  • November 30, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    Ya..its really boosting activities…


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