ESE/IES & GATE Preparation Strategy for Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude

To make every student clear about the depth of subject required for GATE/ESE/IES/ PSUs, and to help every aspirant plan & study the subject in a systematic procedure, this is the video of Preparation Strategy required for Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude. This video will surely help the student to plan his/her studies in a right direction. It extensively covers the following points:

  1. Syllabus of Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude ; with proper demarcation elaborating which are the exclusive topics in ESE only or GATE only, and which are the common topics for both exams.
  2.  Average Weightage of subject both in marks and number of questions in last 2 years.
  3. Type of questions asked – whether more of theoretical or numerical based/ direct formula based questions are asked.
  4. Study material and resources given by MADE EASY for complete preparation.
  5. Tips on how to complete the subject thoroughly.
  6. Which will be the best reference book for the subject?
  7. The source of practicing questions –previous years’ questions of GATE, ESE, CSE etc.
  8. Efficient method of revision.
  9. Tips to study and areas of extra focus to score high marks.
  10. How important is test series in your preparation?

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