How to Decide Which Coaching Institute to Join for GATE or ESE Preparation

Every year lakhs of aspirants prepare for GATE or ESE exams. There are several opportunities that can be availed through these exams. Some of these aspirants join coaching institutes to aid their exam preparation. Joining the correct coaching institute for GATE or ESE preparation is very important. It can be very crucial in deciding one’s career and also the time that would be invested in achieving one’s goals. All the students face this difficulty in deciding which institute to join. Some blindly follow their friends and others get fooled by fake advertisements and land themselves in wrong places. This delays their success and aspirants thus find their goals unachievable.

Due to this, some aspirants are forced to give up on their dreams or compromise on their caliber and settle for something very ordinary. Beginning the preparation with the correct coaching institute for GATE or ESE exam preparation may thus prove to be the required head start.

Here are some of the factors you may consider before finally deciding on which coaching institute to join for GATE or ESE exam preparation:

  1. Curriculum design:

The curriculum must be meticulously and carefully designed. You should check with ex-students of the coaching institute if the syllabus is completed in time with ample scope for revision in the end. Also, whether the syllabus coverage is relevant to the exam preparation and oriented with the exam syllabus. The timings of the classes must not be so hectic that it leaves you too exhausted in the end for self-studies. One weekly off is also necessary for comprehending on what has been covered in that week and to cope up with any lags. Haphazard sequencing or starting a new subject before the previous is finished can also hamper the understanding of a subject. Teaching speed should also be optimum keeping in mind the caliber of all the students. The classes must be properly scheduled with small breaks in between and should not be of more than four hours at a stretch.

  1. Study material:

The study material must be systematically designed to cater to the needs of specific exams. The content must be exam-oriented so that students would not need to refer to additional textbooks for their concepts. It should be short, crisp and relevant. Usage of proper diagrams, figures, flowcharts and smart arts make the material student friendly and easily understandable. The question banks must be inclusive and provide accurate solutions to the problems. Also, sufficient model questions and practice questions designed on the same pattern should be there as the questions already being asked must be provided for practice. The coaching institute must update the study material from time to time. Addition of anticipated models of questions by studying new examination trends is also necessary.

  1. Faculty team:

The most important factor to look for is the team of faculty. The team must be an amalgamation of experienced and newly qualified professionals. The experienced faculty is well aware of the GATE and ESE exam trends whereas the newly qualified members bring in a new methodology of solving questions. The popularity of the teachers on social media or among students, in general, tells a lot about their teaching methodology and is quite easy to check.

Another point of consideration is the attitude of teachers towards the process of learning. This can be done by talking to seniors or ex students of that coaching and get a realistic and genuine feedback. Talk to many, by many it means from students who have been to different coaching institutes, try to lure out some points of their respective coaching, then you will get to know which coaching has the right material, right faculty for right guidance and which will be the best to join.

The teaching speed must be optimum so as to ensure learning and not only to complete the syllabus. Very slow teaching also may lead to loss of interest in the subject. You should also see if the faculty update their class notes in accordance with the changing exam trends and how many concepts or questions have been asked from their notes in the past.

  1. Credibility:

The coaching institute must be credible. The experience of the institute tells us about that for how many years the coaching has been preparing students for the GATE and ESE exams. It also tells us how experienced the team is and how well the coaching is doing since it has sustained for these many years. Authentication of their GATE and ESE results is also necessary which can be done through toppers’ testimonials and interviews. You should see what the toppers have to say about the institute and how much role did it have in their success.

If you’re aiming for GATE, consider how many students from the concerned coaching could make it to the top 100 and under 10, in case of ESE. The number of total selections in GATE or ESE exam from that particular coaching institute adds to the credibility. Presence of the institute must not only be physical but also on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. since it enhances learning Guidance or career counseling team is another criterion that must make it to your checklist as lectures are not all that matters when it comes to preparation of crucial exams like GATE or ESE. Career counselling and guidance at all stages is equally important. Ensure that the institute has expeditious backend support, to resolve any difficulty that a student may face, in terms of backlog classes, missed classes, etc.

  1. Doubt Resolution:

This is one of the very crucial factors in deciding the coaching institute that one joins for the preparation of GATE or ESE exams. Reading, solving questions and discussion/doubt resolution go hand in hand. All the three are waste if any of them is avoided. It’s often seen that coaching institutes focus only on the first two and completely neglect the third step. Even if you solve 100 questions of which you need to discuss 15, complete study of the topic goes in vain without that discussion.

The student cannot move to a new topic without clearing the backlog of previous topics. It thus hampers further learning, proper understanding, and comprehensive studying. Lack of doubt resolution may even mislead students to refer to unverified study sources and develop a wrong understanding of concepts. The research team of the institute, in addition, must be well developed so that test series and study material can be comprehensively designed to cater to specific needs of the examination. A good research team can also anticipate questions based on current exam patterns.

  1. The Right Choice of Batch:

The coaching institute should offer a variety of batches classified on basis of students’ demands, needs and understanding level. Since the speed of learning is different for every student, different batches with a curriculum designed accordingly can be designed. You should be able to choose the right batch for yourself from the existing choices. GATE and ESE exams have a different syllabus and need a different approach for preparation, so you should check if the batches are designed extensively for that particular exam you want to target.

Based on whether a student is a fresher or has already appeared for the GATE, a different batch for rank improvement could be offered. Some students have their basics strong from their under-graduation so they should be able to opt for a super talent batch where students with a GPA above a particular threshold only can enroll. It would ensure like-minded students in one class and hence, the pace of learning can be enhanced. Putting students of varying caliber together hampers learning for some and may demotivate others. If you’re a college-student or doing a job, you can check if the institute offers a weekend batch for a complete session or a summer batch for two to three months which institutes like MADE EASY offer.

  1. Timely Evaluation:

Conduction of online or offline tests is an important factor to consider. The coaching must conduct tests frequently, after completion of each subject or even surprise tests to check if the students have understood the concepts or not. The conducted tests must be in accordance with the target exam, on the same pattern and preferably through the same mode(Online/Offline). But only conducting tests is not enough, post-test discussion, timely result declaration, giving the appropriate feedback and evaluation must follow. Also, the tests must be systematically designed to be helpful in preparation and not merely a collection of questions from class notes or previous year question banks. Test giving is a highly advisable practice to all the aspirants and thus the coaching institute must be offering a compatible test series.

  1. Infrastructure:

A good infrastructure ensures healthy and peaceful learning. Any good GATE coaching institute must have a good infrastructure which is easily accessible and commutable. The classes must be spacious enough to accommodate the complete strength of students and designed such that faculty to student interaction is possible. The visibility and audibility of the lecture must be good enough for each student of the class. You should check if new teaching methodology and the latest technology are being used yet or not. The managing staff at each institute center should be enough skilled to manage and organize the classes. This would ensure timely organized classes and minimum loss of time for you.

  1. One Stop Solution to Complete Preparation:

The coaching institute must be a one-stop solution to all your preparation needs. You should not be required to repeat this practice of searching and deciding the favorable coaching institute again and again at different stages of your preparation. For example, if you are preparing for the ESE exam, then MADE EASY offers batches for prelims preparation, for mains answer writing and also, proper interview guidance. If you happen to qualify for any PSU entrance while preparing, you should not be left seeking guidance from outside.

Those who have a strong will and determination can break mountains to achieve what they desire.

But carrying a little hammer along does no harm, isn’t it? Similarly, students do crack GATE or ESE without coaching, without proper resources and with a lot of difficulties also; but if God has blessed you with all the virtues in life, it’s a good idea to give your preparation a boost by joining a coaching institute. But certainly, the right one.  All in all, the course that you are going for must be worth the money, effort and time because all the three are very crucial in deciding your career and course of rest of your life. So, study nice and choose wise.

All the best for your preparation.!gate coaching institutes

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