How to cope up with Long hours of Classroom Program

As the preparation for GATE and ESE 2020 examinations are on the way, all the students are reading, revising, solving and concentrating on their books to get the most from the time that is left. While some students might be preparing from their home, others have joined the Classroom Program. This is to supplement their studies and understand their subjects better.

Joining a coaching institutes right after graduation gets a little difficult for most of the students. They are unable to cope up with the long study hours of the classroom. They have a problem getting along with the other students in the classroom. While this problem is not specific to any single student as most of the students face it. However, the solution to the problem can also be found really easily.

In this article, we will talk about how to cope up with the long hours of classroom program.

Long study hours of the classroom program:

As the syllabus for the exam is huge and the time available is limited, the coaching institutes make sure that do not leave out on anything. They try to cover every inch of the syllabus to the best of their capability. Ensuring that the students do not face any problem during the examination and are thorough with their subjects. In order to ensure proper coverage of the syllabus some methods used are:

Long classroom timing: Unlike college, where classes were for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The classroom in coaching institutes can exceed up to 4 hours as well. Sometimes there are back to back classes and you are studying for some 7-8 hours straight. This can be really exhausting as this long a time plays with your mind and you may lose focus midway.

Extra classes: In order to ensure that the students have no issue in a particular subject, sometimes faculties take extra classes for the grooming for the students.

All these, along with the study hours you take out for your personal study, makes it difficult for students to cope up. Some students accept this schedule while some give up their classes in order to fully concentrate on their personal study. Giving up on your classes is a bad decision and it is important that the students learn how to cope with the busy and long hours of the classroom program.

Coping up with long hours of classroom program:

  1. Make sure you make notes:

    While sitting in the class do not just listen to what the teacher is saying as it can lead to losing focus. Therefore, ensure that you make notes of what the teacher is trying to say. Most of the teachers give notes after the explanation. During the explanation, also try to make short notes so that you stay focused and are listening to the teacher with full concentration.

  2. Ask questions:

    While in the classroom, make sure that you clear your doubts in the classroom itself. Many a times students get stuck with a doubt in their head and are shy to ask that to the teacher. They can’t clear the doubt and they lose their focus and before they know they miss out on the entire lecture and get stuck with their doubt. Thus clear the doubt as it oops up do not wait to run behind the teacher after the class to the faculty room to clear your doubt.

  3. Try to get a brief idea about the topic:

    Before you leave for the class make sure that you get a brief idea about what the teacher will be teaching that day. Pick up a book of the particular subject and just for a brief moment brush through the topic. As you might have already read it in graduation, it will refresh your memory and you will be able to better concentrate in the classroom if you have an idea about what the teacher is taking about. Not doing so will easily distract you and you may not be able to cope up with the long hours of classroom program.

  4. Avoid gossip-mongers:

    While in the classroom, your environment pays a major role. So make sure that you are not sitting with someone who is constantly talking. Such students will for sure distract you with their gossip. Before you know you will be more involved in what your neighbor has to say than what your teacher is explaining. Therefore, try to sit among unknown people or with serious students during the classroom. This will help you concentrate better in the class.

  5. Be the front bencher:

    Back benchers are not necessarily losers but if you are finding it hard to cope with the long duration of the classroom, try to sit in the front benches. When sitting right under the teachers nose you are always attentive and you make sure to listen to things carefully. Thus avoid back benches.

  6. Consistency is the key:

    The key to cope up with long hours of study in the classroom is consistency. No matter how many techniques you apply, consistency will be the only thing that will keep you going. The one reason why students find it hard to cope with long hours is that they can not cope up with this routine. So the only way to cope up is to make this routine your life till the time you are studying.To become consistent what is important is that you need to attend the classes daily and sit for the entire classroom session. In the start it may be difficult for you and you might become fidgety at first but later in a week or two you will get used to it and before you know you can sit for hours studying not only in classroom but also at home. Thus make sure you do not leave the class or the coaching in the middle. Fight till the end and only then will you see the results of cracking the GATE or ESE examination.

  7. Always remember your why:

    During the exam preparation, the long study hours and the monotonous life sometimes makes people crib about it. Some of the students also leave their journey in between settling for something lesser. In such cases always remember why you started it all. Unable to cope up with long hours of classroom program, some students forget why they are doing it. Therefore, make sure that you keep reminding yourself that why you are here. If your goals and ambitions are clear, small hurdles like these will be a piece of cake for you. Always remember that main war is fighting the examination and clearing it with flying colors. Being able to cope up with the long study hours of classroom program is a mere battle that you have to fight to be prepared for the main examination.

  8. Understand the need of the long hours:

    The GATE examination is conducted once a year for a duration of 3 hours. For straight 3 hours you have to sit in the examination hall and keep your brain running. Similarly, the ESE examination which is conducted in 3 phases. In the first phase two papers are conducted for 2 hours and 3 hours respectively. Whereas, in the second phases 2 papers are conducted for 3-hour duration each. If a student plans to crack the GATE or ESE examination, he /she must get into the habit of sitting for long hours. This is the reason why institutes take long classes to prepare the students for the final examination. Thus, if you feel it is getting difficult for you to sit for so long in the classroom, then remember that the final examination also requires this patience and you will be good to go.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated:

    Sometimes students do not realize this but water is the one thing that really helps in keeping you going. Therefore, even when in the classroom, keep a bottle of water with you. Keep yourself hydrated and you will be able to fight the lethargy you feel in classroom.

  2. Physical exercise or Meditation:

    Life during the preparation of exam gets pretty tough with all the pressure form family and peers. There is so much going on in the mind that sometimes we forget to breathe and take time out for ourselves. In this situation, it gets difficult to concentrate on just one thing. Well to get rid of it and concentrate better in the classroom make sure you take care of yourself. Include some physical exercise or meditation in your routine. This will keep you calm and will help you cope up better with this lifestyle.


The above points will help you in coping with the long hours of the classroom program. Always remember this golden rule ‘Take time to find ways to fight it instead of hurrying into something and ruining it’.

Whenever in life we face any problem, always take a moment to analyse it. Understand why the problem exists and find ways to fight it. Running away or giving up on yourself is for weak people. Thus, concentrating in the classroom can be tough in the start. However, once you start practicing something for a long time it becomes a habit. Practicing something for 3 to 4 weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatically.

We hope these tips help you in your studies and with the help and guidance of amazing teachers, you achieve your goal of cracking the GATE or ESE examination.

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  • May 25, 2019 at 1:11 am

    As a ex-made easy student (Ese 2018 G-Batch Ghitorni) i would like to point out one more point.
    The chairs provided in the classroom doesn’t have much support for the upper body part. In longer classes duration it caused us much back pain. Pls take a look into this matter.

    • May 25, 2019 at 11:53 am

      Dear Uttam,

      Thanks for writing to us. Your valuable suggestion will surely be taken into consideration.

      Team MADE EASY


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