Life after ESE: The Fame and Glory

The ESE Prelims Examination just got over. All the students are busy and engrossed in their books, revising notes, solving questions and preparing themselves for the ESE Mains exam. The ESE examination is the first step which will bring you closer to your dream that has encouraged you to give up the luxuries of your life and like a saint mediate to achieve the dream of becoming IES officers. While we are sure you have a fair idea of what the ESE examination has in store for you, we today would like to encourage you more by helping you live your dream life through our blog.

ESE is an annual examination conducted by the UPSC to recruit the best engineers of the nation that meet the technical and managerial qualities needed to work in various fields of Engineering of the Government of India. The examination is conducted in three stages: Preliminary, Mains and the interview stage. The examination is conducted in only in four branches: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Students of any branch can appear for the examination by choosing their subject of choice from the branches mentioned. It is one of the toughest examination in the country but every year hundreds of students become an inspiration by doing exceptionally well in the examination. To know more about the eligibility criteria for the exam please click on this link- Eligibility for Indian Engineering Services (IES)

While the examination requires a lot of hard work and dedication, the end result is worth all the sleepless nights. The Life after ESE: the fame and glory along with the responsibility, pay, nature of work is what makes this examination a dream for most of the engineering graduates. So let us introduce you to the life that awaits you after you have cleared the ESE examination.

1. The Training:

Depending on the rank in the mains in the final merit list, various departments are allotted to all the qualifying candidates. A letter from the President is sent to all the candidates informing them about their training and are called at various locations around the country. The training for the IES officers is an amazing experience in its own. The trainees are treated like a royalty, providing them with all the amenities like good housing, food, pay, best class travelling and a chance to visit the president house where at the end of the training the President addresses all the officers and encourages them to work with full enthusiasm and fearlessly for the betterment of the nation. During the induction training the candidates are informed about their job and taken around the country to have a better understanding of their nature of work.  When the induction part is so amazing and dreamy you can imagine how amazing the life ahead will be treating you.

2. Pay and perks:

The pay of an IES officer is comparable or sometimes more than the private sector. The officers are also paid Dearness allowance to compensate for the inflation in the market. Along with the pay the perks attached to the job makes this job superior to any job in the country. The perks include:

Residential Quarters in good locality of the city , Medical Facility for both the officer and dependable, Official Vehicle, Leave Traveling allowance, Gratuity, provident fund, Driver, peon, Servant, Personal Assistant. All these perks along with the pay makes the life of the officer and their family easy and comfortable. All the hard work and the comprises one makes during the exams are well paid of after the candidate clears the examination.

3. Security:

During the hard times in the country while the employees in the private sector are busy saving their jobs, and looking for new safer avenues for their future the IES officers have a job security. Along with your job the government makes sure to provide security to your family and dependents. Medical facility to dependable, education fee of children, secured housing and rest house facility in a good location of the city help provide your family with a secure lifestyle. Depending on certain terms and conditions the traveling privileges are also provided to certain IES officers.

4. Career Growth:

If one is ready to put in their best effort to serve the department and the country then the sky is the limit for such officers to grow. While there is a lot to learn and subsequently improve in the government sector. One step by the IES officers in the right direction can help lakhs of citizens in the country. The government also promotes the growth of its employees by providing them training both inside and outside India.

The IES officers are also the bureaucrats who if perform exceptionally well also head various departments of the various ministries. They are also sent on deputation to various departments if the need arises.

5. Respect:

Cracking one of the toughest examinations in the country is not an easy work to do. For all the candidates who qualify the examination a sense of respect comes naturally from society. They become a source of inspiration for many candidates who are preparing for the ESE examination. While the candidates feel confident and a sense of pride the society sees them in high regard. Also, the power and authority that the IES officers hold gives them the power to bring substantial change in society.

6. Work life balance:

While at the start of the career one has to work really hard in their departments. After the promotions, one has a perfect work-life balance which helps you be the best at your work and spend quality time with your family. With the immense facility provided by the government, the IES officers are also given enough holidays to go around with their family.

7. Location :

While at the start of the career which is the learning phase one may be posted in far off lands but after some years one is posted in the metro cities with housing facility available in the best locality of the city. Being in a good city helps your family to grow and your children to have a bright future like you later in their life.

The ESE requires a lot of determination and zeal towards the exam. Students prepare for years to crack this exam but what awaits them after the joining is worth everything that you have sacrificed. A perfect blend of work, respect, salary and peace of mind the job helps you groom yourself up and be the best at what you do. With the immense opportunities lying ahead, the job is a dream for lakhs of engineering graduates.  With a vision that will soon come true for all you candidates we wish you all the very best. Feel free to write to us if any query or confusion you have.

Happy Reading.

5 thoughts on “Life after ESE: The Fame and Glory

  • January 23, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    qualifying ese exam after how many years required to get promotion

  • January 24, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    What are the best department in IES for electronics except railways and I heard that there is egotism and saturation in railway’s and posting are mostly to be in remote areas with hectic life.

  • January 25, 2019 at 7:08 am

    Sir my finger nail portion is cutten. Am I fit for medical requirement of IES?
    If no please give me solution.

  • June 24, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    I have completed my engineering duration , but now I have backlogs. If I done my engineering and clear all my backlogs then will I crack the ies exam ?

    • June 25, 2019 at 11:04 am

      Dear Student,

      Thanks for writing to us. Yes, you can surely crack ESE/IES if you put the right amount of effort and dedication in your preparation. Backlogs are not a parameter to judge your success in he future and all that matters is your hard work and perseverance to realize your dreams.

      Team MADE EASY


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