Strategy for Facing ESE/IES Interview

Dear Students,

Interview is the third and final stage of your selection, it is not only important for selection but for deciding your rank also. There is very vide range of score in interview which varies from 60 marks to 160 marks (out of 200 marks). If you score 140 marks or more, then you may not only get department of your choice but you can be a top ranker.

Detailed Application Form (DAF) is the bases of your interview and in interview some questions may directly flow from your DAF. The preference of departments must be opted with proper understanding of job profile in various departments, nature of work, promotion aspects, facilities and diversity in job. The departmental preference once submitted in DAF cannot be changed thereafter, hence it is a life time decision. Some students want to prepare for Civil Services and some want to stay in Delhi /NCR due to other reasons, hence the sequence of preference of departments may not be same for all candidates. Due to all these reasons filling the DAF becomes an important task and one must not take it lightly. I have planned a counseling session for DAF on 1st /2nd July 2017at Delhi centre and for outstation candidates, I will record a session and can be watched online which will be made available after 4th July.

Since last couple of years it has been observed that in interview candidates are asked more questions from technical, technical applications &Job profile (if you are working) as compared to areas of current affairs and personal profile, therefore you should focus on on basic /core technical subjects and revise definitions, principles and applications. You should also review your degree project and summer training work if you are a fresher candidate. Develop a habit of speaking and expressing yourself as much as possible in English and express your thoughts in technical terminology.

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