How important is to analyze your Online Test Series report for improving your performance?

Through GATE and ESE numerous opportunities knock at the door step of engineers. To achieve success in these exams student needs to be systematic and strategic. Online test series simulate exam environment of computer based exams and helps in quick evaluation of oneself. MADE EASY Online test series is an online assessment tool designed to help the students to be more prepared and competent for any of the competitive exams conducted throughout the country. With the aid of this effective tool, students will be able to improve their concepts and confidence as well as rank/score in the mock exams and actual exam by taking practice tests.

Taking tests and analyzing mistakes is the most integral part of preparation for any competitive exams. Mistakes when left unnoticed will close the doors to success but when analyzed and rectified the journey towards the goal becomes easy. MADE EASY test series analysis page makes it easy for aspirants to identify their weak areas so that they put efforts in those subjects and concepts to strengthen them.

How to analyze the report of test series?

The updated and modified version of our test series page consists of the following headings:

1. Overall Analysis

Overall Analysis

Overall Analysis Report

In overall analysis, you will get a complete report of your performance in every test with details of your Rank, Percentile, Number of questions attempted. This section will be supplemented by pie chart analysis giving you a bird’s eye view of your strong and weak areas, thereby assisting you in putting efforts in right direction.

2. Comparison Report

Comparison Report

Comparison Report

Comparison Report

“Your performance is always with the one who you look in the mirror.” Comparison is never for demotivation but for keeping up the spirits and improving your performance.

Under this section you will get a comparative view of marks, time taken, accuracy and number of questions attempted by the toppers in that particular test. This will always help you to strive for your own betterment. One of the key things that are required in any exam is time management, this section of the analysis page helps to analyze how much time was devoted by you in a particular test helping you to increase your speed along with accuracy.

3. Solution Report

Solution Report

While taking the test you may get stuck in questions or may have answered incorrectly, but the mistake should not be repeated the second time, so only a detailed solution report is provided under this section to help you to improve and learn those questions which you were unable to solve or solved by wrong approach. After reading the solution if you still feel you are not clear in the concept then you can “Ask an expert” section by clicking on Have any doubt? and post your queries. Your queries will be answered by subject experts as soon as possible.

You can also Bookmark the question by clicking on the yellow marked region:

Bookmark the question

This section also has a question analytics section which gives details of your accuracy, level of question and time taken by you and the topper in that particular question. Through this section you will get question wise analysis.

Question Analytics

The main advantage of MADE EASY Online test series is the availability of Video Solutions. Along with the detailed explanation you can also watch the videos for clarifying your doubts. For GATE test series, we have provided video solutions for both Basic and Advance level tests.

For video solutions click on the “Solution Video” section on the right-hand side of each solution.

Solution Video

So, Online Test series analysis is the important phase of your preparation for your dream. Make full use of it. MADE EASY Test Series is the best platform for you all to revise and understand your concepts.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

All the very best!!

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  • December 24, 2018 at 11:07 pm

    what does difficulty level accuracy mean in overall analysis section?


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