Is Delhi the Best Center of MADE EASY?

As the GATE and ESE/IES preparations are on the way, students are dug deep in their books. Everyone is trying to make sure that they do not miss out on anything in the syllabus and have covered the syllabus completely to the best of their capability. All the students are working hard to clear the examination. To do so, they take help of various means like test papers, previous year paper, video lectures and etc. The most common is joining a coaching institute. Coaching institutes, as the name suggests, coach the students to do well in the exam. MADE EASY Delhi Center is one of the most famous among these.

While choosing the best coaching institute is not a herculean task as all the engineering students prefer pioneers in this sector. Hence, most of them opt for ‘MADE EASY’. After choosing to start coaching at MADE EASY, they are confused which center to choose. The students hear a lot of people say that the only MADE EASY Delhi Center is best for GATE and ESE and other MADE EASY centers are not worth it.

Through this article, we like to clear the air and provide an insight to the students. About how every center is equally good and no matter where you join, the experienced and talented faculty of the institute makes sure that the students are delivered the best. MADE EASY doesn’t compromise on teaching aspect to achieve this.

About MADE EASY Delhi

With over a decade of experience, MADE EASY with its experienced faculty has become synonyms for success in GATE, ESE and PSU examination. MADE EASY started with just one center in Delhi empowering the youth to achieve their dreams. With the same aim, it has started spreading its branches. Presently MADE EASY has 11 branches in MADE EASY Delhi, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Noida, and Jaipur.

All the MADE EASY centers work in synchronism. Thus, MADE EASY makes sure that the faculty, resources, course material, test series and very thing else is the same at all the branches. MADE EASY thrives to make the experience of learning more enriching and satisfying for the students. Therefore, MADE EASY commits to ensure uniformity in the quality of content and the guidance provided at each center.

Why so many centers?

With its 11 branches MADE EASY ensures quality education to students around the country. The reasons for spreading branches are:

  • Making education comfortable: In order to make education comfortable where students won’t have to travel far from their home and can study in the comfort of their home or college, MADE EASY decided to open various other branches so that it can increase its reach and provide education to more number of students.
  • Coaching along with college: Many students who did not stay in Delhi had problems preparing for the GATE/ESE examination from college. This was due to lack of guidance in their college. These students took a drop after college and prepared for the examination after coming to MADE EASY Delhi. In order to avoid this and ensure that the students can prepare for the GATE/ESE examination during the college days, MADE EASY opened its branches in various states of the country.
  • More Winners: By opening more branches, MADE EASY aimed to provide proper guidance and pathways to engineering graduates. Guidance about the various avenues that the students can prepare for. MADE EASY has always believed that winners are not born. Efficient counselling and showing the right direction makes them a topper. With the 11 centers, MADE EASY focuses on educating our youth and giving more winners to the nation. Engineers who can further drive India to excellence.

Thus, Made Easy has opened various centers to serve the students better. Thus students from all the corners of the country can join the batches commencing at their nearest centers without any hesitation. The centralized Research and Development Team at MADE EASY Delhi delivers the best content to all the centers.

Various Centres of MADE EASY

MADE EASY Delhi: The Corporate Office is located at Delhi along with other centers.

Patna: Patna center caters to the students of Bihar (kankarbagh).

Lucknow: Lucknow center caters to the students of Uttar Pradesh (Aliganj).

Bhopal: Bhopal center caters to the students of Madhya Pradesh (MP Nagar).

Indore: Indore center caters to the students of Madhya Pradesh (Vijay Nagar).

Pune: The Pune center caters to the students of Maharashtra (Shivaji Nagar).

Hyderabad: This center caters to the students of Telangana and Andra Pradesh (Ban Street Koti).

Bhubaneswar: The Bhubaneswar center caters to the students of Odisha (CRPF Square).

Kolkata:  Kolkata center caters to the students of Bengal (Anandapur near Fortis Hospital).

Jaipur: The Jaipur center caters to the students of Rajasthan (Nirman Nagar).

Noida: The Noida center caters to the students of Uttar Pradesh (Sector 63).

Choosing Which center is best

  • Same Material: Our very experienced and centralized Research and Development team at MADE EASY Delhi makes sure that all our study material is up to date and in line with the syllabus of the exam whether it is GATE OR ESE.

We ensure that all our students are provided similar study material without any extra or less book for any center.

  • Experienced Faculty: The faculty at all the centers are almost the same as we promise to deliver only the best to our students. With the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty, we ensure that no student has confusion about any topic. Thus at all our centers, we have the best faculty. Our faculty takes extra care of the students going that extra mile. To make sure that the students understand their subject well and can attempt all the questions in the examination. Apart from that, they are open to any questions or doubts whether asked in the classroom or later in the staff room. Thus there is absolutely no doubt in choosing the center as all offer similar help and guidance.
  • Same test series: Our subject experts design the Online Test Series, who dedicate and focus towards the questions asked in the examination and their relevance to the examination.
  • Same Result: MADE EASY believes in promoting winners and helping the students to achieve their dreams. With the said mission in mind, all our centers have shown great results in the past and will continue to do so. Every year GATE OR ESE  examination result shows students from all the centers performing really well.

Let’s take the example of GATE 2019 results:

  • Bhopal center– AIR 1(CE)
  • Delhi center– AIR 1(ME)
  • Bhopal center – AIR 1 (EC)
  • Delhi center– AIR 1(CS)
  • Lucknow center – AIR 7 (IN)

The above results clearly show how the results every year are scattered throughout the MADE EASY centers instead of just from a handful.

Thus no matter what center you choose it is your dedication and sincerity which will determine your result. The quality of faculty is the same for all the branches and the depth of syllabus covered remains the same. MADE EASY breeds toppers year after year and is dedicated to keep doing the same in the future too. MADE EASY dedicates a vast pool of highly experienced faculty at all its centers. They help in guiding the students and taking them closer to their dreams.

Always remember that success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love for what you are doing and what you aim to do.

2 thoughts on “Is Delhi the Best Center of MADE EASY?

  • July 11, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Can I prepare CSE engineering optional with ESE batch

    • July 17, 2019 at 2:57 pm

      Dear Candidate,

      Thanks for writing to us. The sylabus for both the exams is almost the same and hence, you can surely get the required fundamental knowledge through the classroom programs. You can also visit the official website of Next IAS, to find mbatches for optional subjects.

      Team MADE EASY


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