Do Only IITians Crack GATE and ESE/IES

GATE and ESE examination are one of the toughest exams of the country not because of just the vast syllabus it covers. It is also because of the number of students who appear for it and aim to crack it with full dedication and sincerity. Amidst these studying sessions some students have a lot of questions they want clarity on. They keep searching for answers on Google but to no success at all.

One of the very common questions that students want to know before the exam or during preparation is ‘Do only IITians crack GATE/ESE examination or students from normal colleges can too?

While this question is fair, we must know that only because one comes from IIT does not make him/her smarter than you or more eligible for a particular M. Tech. college or a post in the PSUs or to become an IES officer.

So, before we discuss who clears the exam, let’s discuss what all is needed to clear the exam and subsequently draw a conclusion to this question.

Things Actually Needed to Crack GATE/ESE examination

1. Knowledge of the exam:

Before you start preparing for the exam, have clarity about what the exam is about. Go through it’s syllabus, the various posts for which the exam is conducted, previous year papers of the GATE or ESE examination depending on your preference, pattern of exam including the number of papers, the type of questions and the duration of each exam.

Also you can read about some toppers to get a better idea of the exam and draw inspiration from their toppers talk. All these things will prepare you for the exam and instills confidence in you.

2. Proper Guidance:

If you are planning of taking coaching or classes for the GATE 2010 or ESE examination make sure you research well and join only the best institute. The institute must have experience, good faculty and good success rate. Apart from the review you must also see if their studying pattern matches yours and henceforth choose your institute wisely.

3. Know your goal:

The Chinese talk about a term called ‘Ikigai’ which is the art of staying happy. The one thing which is most important to stay happy is to find your calling. So on a piece of paper write about why you want to give the GATE 2020 exam or the ESE 2020 exam and how does it change your life. Understand why the exam gives so much happiness and how it is online with your character.

You can keep adding and subtracting points as and when they strike you in the list. Once done paste this sheet in front of your study desk. This will keep you motivated and keep you going on in the long preparation phase.

4. Reading the right books:

Before you begin, go through some blogs and videos to find the best books available for various subjects of your branch. With the internet being a repository of all study material and counselling it will really help you in your preparation.

This will help you in reading the subjects well and you won’t have to waste time on looking for various books and notes. You can also buy books from MADE EASY Publications if you feel it is necessary.

5. Work sincerely towards your goal:

If you religiously follow the above 4 points you will know even before the preparation phase starts how much dedication and sincerity it requires. From the release of the GATE 2020 and ESE form to the final result date it is a cycle of about a year. You are required to keep patience and work sincerely towards your goals confidentially. So make sure you prepare yourself well to keep the preparation going for a year with some necessary breaks in the middle.

What’s Important

Having specified all the above points, half the answer to whether only IITians can crack the GATE or ESE examination has been answered. Well the above points nowhere belong to a certain type of college nor any type of category thus it is not fair to think that only IITians crack the GATE or ESE examination.

The proof of this is also the diversity of students who crack the examination and the difference in their schooling, college, state and age. There is no particular category of students who are more likely to crack GATE and ESE. Some examples are:

SNo. Name Exam All India Rank College (B. Tech.)
1 Manimala ESE 2018 43 (E&T) Cochin Univ.
2 Vaibhav Chhabra ESE 2018 32 (E&T) NSIT Delhi
3 Ashish Rawat ESE 2018 38 (CE) College of Engg. Roorkee
4 Japjit Singh ESE 2018 4 (E&T) Punjab Univ.
5 Rohit Bansal ESE 2018 8 (ME) YMCA College, Faridabad

While there is no fixed category of students which clear the examination there are certain traits that are common to all the students who crack the GATE or ESE examination.

  1. Confidence:

    if you hear the toppers talk of various students who qualify the exam every year the one thing common you find is that all we’re confident about their selection. Through they did have their low points where they felt the exam is too difficult but they maintained they calm and bounced back to the preparation and we know what the end result is.

  2. Sincerity:

    Sincerity and dedication are traits that not only students who are preparing but everyone must have. These traits are that of leaders and help you prosper in life.

  3. Perseverance:

    Lots of books have talked about people who failed a hundred times but learnt to bounce back. Nothing comes easy, even Copernicus failed many times before proving to the world that the earth revolves around the sun and then also people thought he was crazy. So this is the level of perseverance you require for this exam.

  4. Not procrastinating:

    Delaying things is a common habit of most of the students. What they forget is that if not today tomorrow or some other day they have to complete that particular work. Therefore, it is important that you complete the work scheduled today the same day. Procrastination will only pile up things and before you know you have lot of work to do and no time left for it.

  5. Attentive:

    Whether it is in the coaching institutes or at home make sure to stay attentive always while studying. There are various ways in which you can pay attention one of them is by making notes. Thus make sure you are making your notes every day. This will help you not only in being attentive but also revising right before the exam.


We hope this article will you boost your confidence and provide you a clarity on what are the necessary requirements of cracking the GATE 2020 examination or the Engineering Services examination.

Always remember that only losers give excuses, the winners are busy winning the game which is why they are not worried about who clears the exam. All they care about is they will clear the exam that particular year.

Excuses will always be there, but opportunity comes only once so make sure you grab the opportunity when it knocks at your door. Therefore, keep aside all your excuses as that will only distract you from your studies and concentrate on the preparation.

Before you know, the excuses will all be left behind and you will live your dream life after cracking the GATE 2020 or ESE examination.

We hope this article clears your issues. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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  • June 22, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    Sir/ madam presently I am studying in 2nd year that is 3rd semester so I would like to enquire about that in my 5th semester when I will be giving the nst then the whole course will be covered or whether it’s partial and my second question can I apply for the coaching in the 3rd year of my engineerin?

    Thank you
    Kartikey Tiwari

    • June 24, 2019 at 4:35 pm

      Dear Student,

      Thanks for writing to us. The syllabus of the NST will be as per the official syllabus of GATE and the questions will be asked to test your basic knowledge of the subjects. You can join our one-year and two-year courses. For more information regarding the course structure, please visit our official website:

      Team MADE EASY


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