How to crack GATE while doing a job

Stuck under the pile of official work, are you dreaming of cracking the GATE exam and escalating towards your future dreams. Have you been working on a full time or part time basis and have been planning to write the GATE exam since college days, but can’t take out time to open your books? Well congratulations you have reached exactly the place where you need to be. With full positivity and confidence to appear for the GATE exam, today let’s talk about how one can crack GATE exam while doing a job.

Being engineering graduates when at work we often search about the GATE exam, its syllabus, how to prepare for the exam and end up reading about toppers who have been preparing for a long time and then manage to crack the GATE exam, which leaves us disheartened, negative and we feel that this exam is fresher oriented and being out of touch with the syllabus it will be a difficult nut to crack that too, with a job in hand. Well while some part of your thought process is true that students prepare for a really long time for this exam, but nonetheless it is not impossible to clear the exam with a job. So if you are prepared to ace the GATE exam this year, let’s discuss some do’s and don’ts for the GATE exam.

GATE exam

Let’s start with what one should avoid and then dig into what we are supposed to do to keep ourselves motivated for the exam and in turn ace the exam with flying colors.


  1. Quitting: Well we have all heard that ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’ so if you are thinking of quitting your job as you think it is impossible to prepare for the exam with a job, drop that thought right now. Every year we have toppers who prepared for the exam with a 9 to 5 job and when they can, you surely can too have the potential; what is needed is not a brilliant mind but self confidence which will drive you towards your goal.
  2. Distractions: Now that you are a working professional, not willing to quit job, let’s talk about something you encounter every day after work: night out with friends, office parties, ‘Chai pe charcha’ , some ‘gyan gurus’ etc . Well if you are sincere about this exam, you will have to, though not completely, remove and slowly cut down on such distractions. As 60mins of chit chat with colleagues can reduce your rank by an average of 20. So you need to be careful about what you do in your spare time. You must take some breaks, but you don’t have time to waste talking about your office gossip.
  3. Wasting Office time: While we agree that you have a lot of work in hand, make sure to always carry a book in your bag or some notes on your phone whenever you go to work. Instead of listening to music or dozing off while travelling to work and back to home make sure to revise whatever you have read earlier, so that you are utilizing every minute of your time. You must always make a plan before you start your day and decide on the topics you plan to cover during the office hours, and make sure whenever you have some spare time (in between meetings, travelling, breaks) you are utilizing it for your studies as, this will set your mood and will help you to prepare for the exam ahead.

Well having discussed the things to avoid during your preparation, let’s talk about the prerequisite for this exam and things that you must do during your preparation time for the GATE exam.

  1. Know your exam: Before we start the preparation of any exam the basic and most important point to be kept in mind is the exam syllabus, so before you leave for work today make sure to take a print out of the GATE syllabus of your particular branch and go through it on your way home. Also make sure to paste in on your room wall as it would be very important to inline you preparation with what the exam demands

GATE is a national level exam which primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science, conducted by the GATE committee which comprises of faculty from IISC Banglore and the IITs. Unlike the IES exam which is about the application of various concepts, GATE is an online objective exam which tests and examines your concepts, thus it requires good command over your branch subjects. While every branch has almost more than 10 subjects, it is necessary that we know about our core subjects as they will help you escalate your preparation.

Total questions: 65 (General Aptitude, Technical and Engineering Mathematics)

Total marks: 100

Time Duration: 3hrs

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  1. Selection of books: The market is flooded with books for GATE preparation; therefore it is necessary that you choose your books with utmost care. Being a concept based exam, just one book will suffice your preparation as more books will require more time and can also lead to more confusion. So stick to one book, and make sure to make notes from the book to make revision easier in the later stages of your preparation. A much easier strategy is to buy study material of good coaching institutes for GATE and supplement it with one book which can be used to clear any doubts you encounter. You can always opt for the postal course of a good institute, this will make your work easy and will be an effective method of preparation with job.
  2. Weekend Coaching: All coaching institutes have weekend coaching batches specially designed for working professionals, so joining one will be a helping hand in your preparation. Coaching’s have experienced faculty who along with clearing your concepts, helps you in getting back on track with your subjects , will also provide you with a better insight into the exam and its demands through their guidance and counseling. Before choosing your coaching institute, make sure to visit the institute first, discuss your situation, check out their prospectus and then choose wisely which institute meets your demands. The coaching along with teaching also provides study material that will come in handy during revision.

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  1. Other Resources: In this digital age of internet, preparation for any exam is only a click away. The internet is filled with various resources where coaching institutes, previous year toppers and some other experts make your GATE preparation effortless. We have websites like NPTEL where professors of various IITs teach subjects of various branches through videos as well as text content, you can choose your preferable mode and start working right from today. If you have some idea about the exam then, these video lectures and other blogs can help strengthen your preparation. So type ‘GATE Preparation’ on Google tab and you are good to go.
  2. Self Study: While you will find various sources for the GATE examination preparation, nothing really works without ‘YOU’. So in the end we want to discuss about the need and importance of self study. Effective self study is an amalgamation of various small components which we tend to forget or ignore but are integral part of the preparation strategy.
  1. Planning : Keeping in mind the syllabus, the core subjects and most importantly the date of the exam , you must formulate a plan which must include your study hours, office hours, revision and practice hours. At first you may face some difficulty in making a plan and putting it into action but always remember ‘Success doesn’t just happen. It’s planned for’.
  2. Goals: Breaking your plans into months, weeks and days will help you formulate your goals. We must remember that it isn’t the final aim that matters but the little goals we set that determines our success therefore it is mandatory that every morning or at the start of the week you formulate goals ,inclined to your plans so that the journey to success in the GATE exam seems easy and approachable to you.
  3. Notes: As mentioned earlier , it is necessary to make notes, whether from books, in coaching institutes or from study material, Note making is an art , an art that takes you a long way in your life as it is a ‘short term pain, which gives you long term gain’. Notes come in handy and useful during revision work right before the exam day.
  4. Practice: ‘Knowledge is of no use until put in practice’. Here practice refers to solving questions be it previous years questions or joining some test series which helps you practice what you have read, and introduces you to new concepts if you have missed out on them. You should join online test series of some coaching institutes as it helps you to get your preparation on track by providing real time feedback of where your preparation stands among other competitors and how much more work and in which area is needed.We can help you in practicing by providing you best in market test series, visit us at
  5. Revision: It’s not an easy task, but it’s totally worth it. Just reading a concept, book or notes doesn’t suffice, what is important and key in the GATE exam is revision. Before the exam it is necessary that you revise your notes, your test series, and previous year questions at least twice so that if not all maximum concepts and theories are engraved in your brain, which is only possible by consistent revision.

We are sure our blog has inspired you and now you are positive about conquering the GATE exam and all set to bring your studies on track from tomorrow.  Always remember every year we have working professionals who crack the exam and land themselves in best jobs, institutes depending on their future plans. To inspire yourself you can also listen to some words of wisdom:

Instead of making your job your weakness and a hindrance in your success, make it your strength and utilize your work experience by thinking practically and precisely. Hope we helped you, if you still are a little confused and need some guidance feel free to contact us at

5 thoughts on “How to crack GATE while doing a job

  • December 1, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    good approach. .very useful

    • December 17, 2018 at 7:43 pm

      Dear Mudasir,

      We are really happy that the blog helped you. We hope to help you further in your preparation as well.

      Keep Reading
      Team MADE EASY

  • December 14, 2018 at 11:35 pm

    I bought the gate cse 2019 made easy postal study package, can you please tell me how to study from them.. Like should I make short notes or just underline in the book.. Which subject to study first. Tell a study plan using the postal study package,it will be very helpful to the students to bought the package. Thanks in advance

  • December 15, 2018 at 9:32 am

    I have purchased made easy gate cse 2019 postal study package. Can you please provide a study plan using that and how to use the package efficiently like should I make short notes or just underline in book, which subject to go for first, in what sequence to go for theory book, practice book, previous year’s and 2650+ mcq book.

    • December 17, 2018 at 7:36 pm

      Dear Jyoti,

      Thanks for writing to us. With regards to your question about short notes, it is always advisable to make short notes as it helps in revision in the later stages of preparation. You can learn more about the art of note making by reading our blog .

      With regards to the subjects, you should prefer starting with the core subjects and then moving forward, as this will make the basics of your subject strong, which is a must in the GATE examination. Please visit us at to know about the core subjects of your branch.

      Keep Reading.
      Team MADE EASY


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