GATE Online Coaching vs Classroom Coaching

When students decide to enroll themselves for a coaching, they face a hard time deciding which coaching to join, when to join, which mode of teaching may be more helpful, etc. Since a lot of new modes of learning and new education providers have emerged in recent times, this confusion among students is justified. A very novel way of learning which is through online coaching has added to the apprehensions of students whether they should choose the conventional way of teaching or should they go for these online coaching. There are many hoax and rumors surrounding both modes of coaching. In this blog, we will try to address all the important aspects to consider and which coaching outstands in each aspect, we hope this blog will surely help you to take a decision

1. Schedule and Discipline:

A proper study schedule and a disciplined life is very important during the GATE preparation. Consistency is another key to achieve success. Online coaching requires a lot of self-motivation and discipline whereas offline coaching outlines these factors as the class schedule is fixed and binding to students. A proper and regular class schedule will bring in consistency and discipline to your student life. It’s human nature to procrastinate. If a student gets a choice to delay his/her studies for later as they have access to the lectures anytime they want, it is most likely that they will keep on procrastinating. It’s very unlikely and rare to observe that level of maturity and self-discipline among students. So, all in all online courses work better for students who are sufficiently self-motivated and can stay consistent and disciplined by themselves. GATE classroom coaching, on the other hand, takes care of these factors and helps you to be consistent in your studies and preparation.

2. Study environment and competition:

The company you prepare with and the students you study with makes a lot of impact in your preparations. A positive company affects your result and chances of success positively. An offline coaching provides avenue for this factor as students are incentivized to perform better seeing others perform well. Some GATE coaching institutes in Delhi like MADE EASY that is preferred by a large number of students for their preparation, helps students to understand the real competition scenario. The induction of feeling of competition among students boosts their performance and also helps them to know the level of preparation of the students they will be competing with on the final exam day.

Online coaching on the other hand saves the students from the pressure that several students face from this kind of competitive feeling. They can perform and prepare better in a peaceful and lonely learning environment. But it’s needless to say that to prepare for an exam like GATE which has lakhs of aspirants, it’s very necessary that student be aware of the real competition that they would be facing and prepare accordingly.

3. Study material:

Apart from the delivered lectures, the study material and question bank for practice and reference play an important role in GATE preparation. Any GATE coaching classes has this onus on them to provide students proper, organized and well categorized notes to look upon and revise. You get liberty to form your own notes according to your own convenience in GATE online coaching.

Whereas, in GATE classroom coaching, faculties ensure that all the important concepts taught in class find space in your notes. Updated question bank with accurate solutions for reference and model questions is as important for preparation as the lecture notes. GATE online coaching poses a serious disadvantage in this sense that they can only provide access to a limited number of questions.

4. Relatability with faculty:

It has been proven with statistics and facts that human performance and results improve with appreciation. When a student responds in a class and is appreciated for his/her performance, he/she feels obligation towards the teacher and is bound to maintain performance and improve. Students learn better when they know they are answerable and being looked upon for their performance by someone.

In online coaching, faculty cannot maintain a one on one interaction with every student. They can neither tell weak students how to work upon their shortcomings nor can they appreciate hardworking students to boost their confidence. Students of online GATE coaching also lack upon the off-site guidance by faculty, that is outside the classroom. Since one preparation strategy can’t fit all, based on an individual student performance faculty can guide students outside the classroom as to what strategy can help them to perform better.

5. Doubt clarification:

Doubt clarification is an important pillar in the course of one’s preparation. A strong and timely doubt clarification mechanism is very important for students.

Although online GATE coaching also provides a supportive doubt clearing mechanism but face to face clarification is better since the students get a chance to discuss the loopholes in their approach and concepts. Also, delay in doubt resolution can be avoided since on the spot resolution can be availed. Even if the teacher himself is not available, you always have the option to discuss and clear your doubts with fellow students in free time.

6. Course update:

With changing trends of GATE exam in terms of type of questions being asked, topics that are more focused on and changing syllabus; it becomes inevitable for coaching institutes to revise their teaching methodology and update the course study material and content of the lecture accordingly. Designers of the exam do not follow a static pattern for a very long time and keep on updating and revising the exam syllabus, type of questions being asked, the part of topic being focused. The shift of focus depends on the application part of the topic that is relevant according to the present-day technology. In online coaching, this may be an issue because it’s difficult to re record the lectures or update the existing ones in accordance with changing trends. Surely this is done by coaching institutes but it takes longer time and by that time offline coaching institutes will do it in class. In offline coaching though, it’s done very easily as teacher can update their content each time they teach. They can also look after the questions that are given for practice in class to train students’ minds to work accordingly to solve those anticipated models of questions for GATE. This saves on effort that you need to put in to filter out the content relevant to your preparation.

7. Time management:

Online coaching provides for this very big advantage of leverage to students to study anytime anywhere that they want and for as much duration that they wish for. You can choose your own pace and place of learning. This saves on a lot of time for students in commuting, before and after classes, etc. Even if one falls sick or is compelled to miss classes for some unavoidable reasons, she/he can easily cope up by watching the video lectures later. What this means in a nutshell is, online GATE coaching provides for a very flexible study pattern. But then, as they say, there are no free lunches. Nothing good in life comes easy, same goes here. A very strict schedule and an extraordinarily committed and self-disciplined lifestyle has to be led to be able to study in such a leveraged study environment. Too much confinement and only studies may lead some students to develop anxiety. When students opt for classroom GATE coaching, they go out and meet with their peer which also provides for a refreshment in their mundane study routine.

8. Effectiveness of studying:

Consistency and concentration are two major requisites to prepare for GATE. Quality of learning is always more important than the quantity of learning. An effective three-hour study session is any day better and preferred over an inefficient six hours of study. The study environment plays an important role here. It must ensure concentration of students and effective learning.

 Online mode of coaching brings in a lot of distractions in forms of different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Since there is no monitoring while learning through GATE online coaching, one may unknowingly slip onto these distractions and waste time. This decreases the effective time of learning. This cannot be the case in classroom coaching as regular and proper monitoring of lectures is done by the faculty and the staff. Also, one may never get habitual of long duration sittings if they get to decide the time and duration of breaks from study themselves. Long duration sittings (minimum three hours at a stretch) are recommended for students aspiring for GATE so that their mind gets trained accordingly and is prepared in advance for the final exam day. When a teacher teaches in a class, they keep these factors in mind and ensure that the students are used to study in stretches of three hours but this may not happen in case of online GATE coaching.

9. Cost effectiveness:

Time, effort and money are the three major inputs that go into one’s preparation phase. So, it’s necessary that the coaching that you choose should be worth all the three. Since we have already discussed about time and effort, what follows next is money. GATE online coaching classes save a lot in terms of infrastructure, study material, repeated organization of classes, etc. so definitely they are much cost effective than regular classroom GATE coaching. What needs to be taken care of, is that quality must not be compromised for money. Even if a coaching has cost effective courses but if it cannot provide quality education, that small amount of investment is still a waste. Offline coaching like MADE EASY are credible in terms of value for money. The total cost of any course is worth in terms of available infrastructure, facilities, quality of education, study material, etc.

10. Credibility:

Last but not the least, credibility of an institute is one factor that you can never neglect. The credibility and accountability of the GATE online coaching teachers has been disputed for long. They are generally aspirants themselves or recently GATE qualified candidates who pursue teaching as a part time source of earning. Since you seldom get to meet these teachers, their accountability also reduces. Offline GATE classroom coaching like MADE EASY, on the other hand, ensures to provide certified and wide range of expert faculty to its students. Institutes like these have dedicated teams for content development, interview guidance, career counselling etc. which is impossible for any online coaching to compete with. Online coaching, for once, may provide content to study for the GATE exam, but can not cater to all the needs from start of your preparation till you are placed.

It is important that the coaching that you plan to choose must be in accordance to your branch and the exam you are aspiring for. But what is more important is that whatever mode of learning you choose for yourself must cater to all your preparation needs. It is very hard to generalize one mode which works better for all the aspirants. So, after proper research and analysis of your needs, study habits and present knowledge level, you should take the decision as what mode of GATE coaching suits you best. The bottom line being: “A lot of your effort, time and money is going to be spent into preparation. Whatever you choose, just be sure that it’s worth all the three.” There is no point giving all your effort, time and money to an exam at this crucial stage of your career and still not be the best at it.

All the best for your preparation and exam.

3 thoughts on “GATE Online Coaching vs Classroom Coaching

  • November 14, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    There is literally no substitute to classroom coaching because a virtual interaction can not inhance your experience of life and knowldge . You can crack exams through online coachings but you will definitely miss the experience of life and yourself. Classrooms keeps our mind awake and gives us so much to experience. People will definitely go for online coachings because no one wants to get out of his/her comfort. So if institute is buissness oriented ,no doubt the coming time is of online coachings. But i feel the institutes should invent new ways of thought process in students to make feel of the importance of classrooms. Also in classrooms people feel themselves in competition bt not in online coachings ,which internally make them go for online classrooms should focus on learning rather dragging them into fear of competition.

  • April 20, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Will MADE EASY provide ESE 2020 online coaching

    • April 22, 2019 at 4:28 pm

      Dear Candidate,

      Thanks for writing to us. MADE EASY doesn’t provide online coaching classes as of now. For any further updates, please keep visiting:

      Team MADE EASY


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