How to stay engaged in IES or GATE Preparation throughout the year

IES or GATE preparation can be a daunting task for any student. Any work that brings you success requires a lot of dedication and consistency. For that to happen it is extremely necessary that one remains engaged in that particular task all the time. Similar is the case with IES or GATE preparation. These are national level exams where the competition is increasing in leaps and bounds every year. To stay relevant for the examination and crack the exam it is mandatory to put your heart and soul into it. One needs to be dedicated towards the examination and be consistent for the one year or more that your prepare for it.

Though it is easy to say that one should be focused, it is not an easy task to actually remain focused for such a long duration for IES or GATE preparation. After a certain amount of time one loses the rhythm and falls in the trap of giving up on the examination and settling for something lesser. While that might seem the best situation at that particular time, you may later regret not fighting for the exam till the end and letting your guards down halfway. Not being able to stay focused for a very long time is a very common situation that most of the students encounter. Today we would help you provide ways in which you can overcome the situation and stay engaged in your preparation throughout the year.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement

  • Set your mind into something you really want: Before you begin your preparation sit back and ask yourself if you really want to give this exam and if the end results of cracking this exam actually incite you enough. If the answer is no, drop the preparation before even starting it. If the answer is yes, then write down the reasons why you want to crack this exam.
    Make sure that you are listing all the reasons no matter how stupid or silly it may sound to you. Once you are done with it paste it on one of the walls in your study room. No matter how many inspirational posters you put up on your wall, this one piece of paper will be your only inspiration in the IES or GATE preparation. Every time you get back to why you want to give this exam, you will shed all your boredom and start afresh with full confidence and focus. Our human mind works on logic and so it important that you give it logical reasons for starting something so that it stays focused throughout the journey.
  • Smartly Plan your preparation strategy: Do not make unrealistic plans of completing one entire subject in a day or studying for 14 hours a day. Starting with such unrealistic plans will only demotivate you and take you away from actually continuing the preparation. Therefore, smartly plan your strategy and even if you study for just 3 hours at the start of your preparation, it is okay. Make sure you are utilizing those 3 hours in the best possible way and making the most out of it. You can eventually increase your studying time depending on how comfortable you are with it. Thus keeping in mind your exam date and the time you are left with, plan your strategy and make sure you stick to it.
  • Motivation: Other than the reasons of why you want to give the exam you can watch motivational videos, read books or watch toppers talk for motivating yourself. When you become aware of the life after clearing the exam you can see your goal clearly and you work harder to achieve it. So find what motivates you the most and keep your spirits high about the exam because only then you can give it your best shot and not lose focus midway.
  • Reward yourself: It is going to be a long journey before you actually give the final exam and get the results. Therefore aim for small goals and reward yourself for those small achievements. Your small term goals can be as simple as completing your weekly or monthly target, getting good marks in the test series, completing a difficult subject in the allotted time and many more. Reward yourself for these small achievements. These small awards will be your motivation to achieve the larger target of clearing the exam.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

  • Do not stay aloof: The one mistake that most of the students do while preparing for any examination is staying aloof. They cut themselves up from the society, their friends and everyone around and start preparing alone. Well that is a big mistake. Staying alone can breed negativity and some day or the other you may just give up on yourself. You should avoid it while IES or GATE preparation.Being in touch with your friends and family members gives you a happy space where you can share your feelings and discuss about your preparation. You can discuss if you feel low or share your happiness when you achieve something. Talking to people also refreshes you mind and inspires you to work harder for the examination. So make sure to have your happy space which has your close friends and family members.
  • Get involved in discussions: Other than talking to family and friends, you can have a study group of fellow aspirants for group discussions. Though not everyone favors group discussions, they are a good way to learn your subjects fast and clear any doubts. Group discussions help you understand the concept better and instead of confusing yourself with a doubts, you study group member can clear your confusion and also help you understand any concept that you may have missed.Studying in a group also inspires you as you see how hard the other aspirants are working. You yourself get motivated to match them and thus put your heart and soul into the examination. Make sure that the group you chose has all sincere students who take you closer to your dreams.
  • Minimize distractions: A quick peek into Facebook or you tube can eventually take away 1-2 hrs from your preparation time. Wasting so much time on such unproductive activities not only distracts your mind from the exam but also the fancy videos or photos you see online makes you pity your own life and traps you into the loop of ‘how everyone is enjoying while you are sitting here studying’.One must understand that the seeds you sow today will only bear fruits tomorrow. So you need to have patience during the time you spend on IES or GATE preparation so that it gives you fruits of success later. Therefore besides social media distractions also stay away from negative people who instead of working hard themselves would enjoy pulling you down and demoralizing you. Thus avoid anything that will take you away from your goal of cracking the exam.

A healthy body breeds healthy mind:

  • Stay Active: Only because you are busy in IES or GATE preparation you cannot put your health at stake. You may not be able to join the gym or go running for long hours, but make sure that you are active and healthy. You can go for a walk in the evening, meditate in the morning or just do some home exercises for 15-30 mins every morning. Staying active will help you stay focused in your studies.Only when you are healthy will your brain be active and your studies will be on point. Also make sure your posture is correct while studying, do not be lousy while studying as this will start a pain in your neck and shoulder and you will lose focus.
  • Stay Hydrated: Busy engrossed in their books, most of the students forget to drink water. By no chance you should miss out water from your daily routine. Staying hydrated is extremely important for your body, stomach and brain. If you are one of those who forget to drink water, keep an alarm on your phone which reminds you in regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated. . Start your day with a glass of warm water and make sure to drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day. This will keep you active and not make you lousy.
  • Take proper rest: While one is supposed to make the best use of the time of the day during preparation. Skipping your sleep, not taking proper rest is not a good habit to have. While you expect your brain to work and cooperate with you during the preparation, make sure you do so too. Take proper sleep of 6-8 hrs, take proper breaks between your studies, and make sure to splash your eyes to keep them hydrated too. Thus though time management is important but do not forget to add BREAK TIME in your time table.
  • Eat well: Food is like fuel to the body. So make sure you keep your body working by providing it good fuel. While junk food is delicious to eat, restrict its usage. Replace your chips and cold drinks with fruits and juices. This will keep you active and also will help keep you fit. While preparing, students in order to save money and time opt for junk food which after some time can take a huge toll on your heath and further waste your time. So it is better to be careful beforehand instead of repenting your decision later.

There is no magic spell or key secret to stay focused throughout IES or GATE preparation journey. The above points of good preparation, good company and good health will always keep you confident and thus will be the stimulus for you to keep going. Though the examination is extremely necessary, always remember that your hard work and dedication always gives rewards. Therefore, do not let IES or GATE preparation be your life, make it a part of your life only then you can enjoy the beautiful honor it will bring you. Keep in mind to always stay healthy and active and success will be yours.

All the Best