How to Crack GATE Exam in first attempt?

Since college, we have all heard about how difficult it is to crack GATE exam in the first attempt and some even tag it as an impossible task. Well, let’s break this bubble that you have been living in and discuss how every year hundreds of students crack the exam and get into good jobs and institutes in their very first attempt.

GATE is a National level examination that opens the gateway to an exciting career in PSUs and in the field of research and development. It is administered and conducted in eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee comprising of Faculty members from IISc, Bangalore and other seven IIT’s.

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Now that you are all pumped up for the GATE exam, let’s talk about the key points to be kept in mind to clear the GATE exam in the first attempt so you don’t have to wait long for success to knock at your door. Our Strategy will be divided into 3 parts:

GATE Preparation Tips

A. Pre –Preparation Tips:

  1. Syllabus: Before you start the preparation of the exam, a pre-requisite is to know the exam and its syllabus. Also, you must know that of all the subjects mentioned in the syllabus all are equally important because of growing competition nothing can be left as we never know what can be the next question in the framers mind and special attention must be paid to the core subjects.
  2. Books: While the market is flooded with books for GATE, it is necessary that you choose the books wisely. Studying 1 book thoroughly is better than reading 10 books for a subject, as GATE is a concept based exam and the concepts remain the same no matter how many books you refer to. So we need to be careful about the books we choose. They should cover the syllabus, provide basic insights into the topics covered and most of all should be easy to understand, so that you don’t struggle to remember the concepts.

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  1. Topper’s talk: It is also important that you read and listen to interviews of previous years toppers and their review of the exam, the preparation and the strategies they applied to clear the exam. To view what the toppers have to say about their preparation visit us at
  2. Previous year papers: We are sure you have heard how much importance solving the previous years’ papers hold. But for GATE you have to be careful when looking at the previous papers as just a glance would not suffice. You will have to keep revisiting the paper every time you complete a topic or subject so that you get a fair idea of the type of questions that are asked in the exam. This will immensely help you streamline your preparation with the exam. For your convenience we have compiled all the papers together into a book. The book is subject wise and also topic wise to ease the preparation and help aspirants solve questions simultaneously. You can always visit our publications website to have a look at the various options available.

B. Preparation

Now we are done knowing the basics of the exam so let’s dive into the preparation part.

  1. Planning: Having read and heard many topper’s, you have a fair idea of what this GATE exam demands: sincerity, time management and a good plan. So keeping in mind the syllabus, topic, books and the date of exam you must frame a plan for yourself. A plan which will help you study better, concentrate more, revise and most of all deal with stress. Your plan must include your study hours (one warning – make practical plans and not plans of studying 10 hours straight, it never works) as well as your your break times. Most importantly, keeping the date of exam in mind, you must decide on the date or month that you must complete the syllabus so that you have enough time for revision.
  2. Goals: Break your plan into small goals, maybe daily, weekly or monthly in which you decide how you will cover your syllabus along with regular revision, practice papers, sleep and maybe some entertainment too. But, make sure you set realistic targets as, if you set daily targets higher than what you can complete it will surely lead to disappointment at the end of the day and will affect your next day’s performance.
  3. Dedication: Only forming goals isn’t enough, a sincere effort to follow the goals is also important. It may be difficult for some to sit and study for long hours, you may not understand things and may want to run away to your comfort zone (sleep) but you must remember to be consistent. Even if you start with just 2 hours daily it is okay, don’t demoralize yourself. Tiny steps lead to success, a big leap will only make you falter. Eventually you will be in a position to increase your hours of study and will be able to make it till the end.
  1. Notes: While studying make sure to make notes, as this will help you in the later stage of your preparation . While revising the subjects right before the exam notes comes in handy and convenient. For extra guidance on effective methods of making short notes, you can read the article on “How to make short notes while preparing for GATE”
  2. Revision: Syllabus, books, notes all are done; now what remains is revision. After you are done with the note making you must and this is very important that you must revise the notes on at least fortnightly or weekly basis so that your brain can process and remember everything that is repeatedly told. This may look tedious at first but In the long run will be your ‘Brahmastra’ for the exam.
  3. Practice: Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. So keep practicing whether the previous year question papers, questions from books or test series available by various institutes:

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C. Guidance

While one can prepare for the exam alone, a helping hand always escalates the process and in the same regard, we would like you to take proper guidance from an institute, as they can guide, advice and also provide you with a platform to learn, evaluate and improve your GATE preparation planning. The market has many names, but you must choose very wisely studying and analyzing every aspect and keeping in mind your requirement. MADE EASY is an institute which has been a pioneer in this field for decades so it would be the perfect institute for you to take guidance from if you want to just not crack but ace the GATE exam in the first attempt.

MADE EASY has been a name, that, since decades has been the one stop centre for the students who think of or are presently preparing for the ESE/GATE exam. Based on its hard working and experienced teachers, the institute has had a decade of success stories. Right from the exam preparation to interview guidance – the institute has always given its students the best of what they deserve and have gone out of the way to provide guidance and personality development sessions. Since its inception in 2001 until today, every member of MADE EASY dedicatedly works round the clock to provide students the best study material and test series to ensure their selection the GATE/ESE examination.

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  1. Test series: With state of the art test series we make sure to design our test series based on the current trend of the exam. Our dedicated team prepares the question papers after closely analyzing the trend and frames questions keeping in mind quality, quantity and standard of the questions. Along with the step by step solution, video solutions too are provided by the institute. An All India rank is generated after the results to help you evaluate your preparation and work harder towards your goals. The test series is conducted keeping in mind the time, environment and questions of the GATE examination pattern.

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While cracking GATE in the first attempt is no herculean task, you must always remember that the first step is always to get familiar with the exam, know the syllabus, read some preparation strategies from toppers and then form your own goals, plans and move on your journey to the summit.

We are sure that we have inspired you and created the spark for the GATE exam in you, make sure you always remain positive about yourself and about the exam. Our final advice to you is to work hard towards this exam as we would love to see you reach great heights and make us all proud.


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