Why are mock tests important in GATE preparation?

Mock Tests are an integral part of GATE preparation. GATE is an exam where all your concepts of four years are tested in a short span of 3 hours. With lakhs of aspirants appearing in this exam every year and with a success rate of just 13-15%, GATE exam has taken a slot in the category of tough exams. The fact that many of the PSUs are available to only 1-2% of the top rankers makes the exam even more competitive. This necessitates a high concentration during the exam time along with a careful attempt to ensure least possible errors as GATE has negative marking for wrong attempts as well.

How can simulated tests help?

In view of a stiff competitive environment, students need to be very cautious to minimize the loss due to incorrect attempts. Ideally, a student appearing for a GATE should be so well rehearsed that he/she should not feel alienated. As a general practice, it is obvious for students to be nervous at the start of the exam or even during the exam as well. Therefore, ample amount of simulated tests is an absolute requirement. Also with the introduction of virtual calculator in the GATE exam, it has become more important to practice it. As in the entire preparation phase we practice by real calculators and we have practice in doing things physically on calculator, so taking tests again becomes very important as it will definitely give you an exposure to the real exam environment.

The fear of examination and losing marks because of this fear can only be avoided when the student is well acquainted to the test. Therefore, a simulated test series should be organized in the same way as actual GATE exam is organized. This helps the student shun away the fear and inhibitions related to the examination hall.

How to get the best from your tests?

Well, the tests are of no use if these are not used to track the performance. The results from the tests should be utilized continuously to mark the weak and the strong areas.

Always take tests as indicators, if you are scoring less marks then be positive, invest more efforts to make your concepts strong and better, and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. And, if you are scoring good marks then don’t let it go to your head and don’t let this be a reason for your over confidence. Rather, take it as a challenge to work hard and try to maintain it till the day of exam. After each consecutive attempt, a student should aim at identifying the types of mistakes, there frequencies, and the probable causes of losing marks.

Also, the test series results, in terms of the rank and percentile scores, should be taken seriously as it is a very strong indicator of a candidate’s likely performance. Make a point to analyze and rectify your mistakes after each test, so that your overall rank and percentile improves. However, it is important to ensure that the test series is updated and created by experts to replicate the actual GATE.

Detailed topic tests

Topic wise tests are included with a matter of fact that a student is never ready for full syllabus test until a few months before exam as it takes time to cover and revise all subjects. So every aspirant is advised to take the topic wise test just after completing the topic in classes and from books, so that you get a variety of questions where you can apply the studied concepts. Strengthen your topic by appearing in topic wise test, this will surely contribute in the final exam.

The test series should comprise of an exhaustive question bank from each chapter and all the sub topics. While appearing in the subject specific tests, it is important to cover all the chapters in detail. Thus, topic wise tests are equally important for a student to ensure that he/she has practiced the topic and all its concepts exhaustively.

Setting realistic expectations

While the test series results can be used for identifying the weaknesses, the inferences of the test series given in the last month of the examination gives a close indication of the likely performance. Based on the test series results, you can predict your likely result and apply to the institutes accordingly.

The test series should be chosen from a reputed brand whose content is created by experts. Also, the test series should be contested by a very large number of students for the results generated to give a realistic estimate of the likely performance.

Why MADE EASY Test Series

MADE EASY test series is conducted by the premier GATE and ESE preparation institute MADE EASY which mentors the highest number of GATE/ESE aspirants pan India with a very high success rate. These tests are created by subject experts and faculty having thorough subject expertise and mentoring experience. Also, the test series is the largest in terms of student participation and thus its results are very much indicative of actual GATE performance.

MADE EASY Test Series has a large number of subject wise tests, Full Syllabus Tests, and mock tests to ensure that a no component of the syllabus is left unpracticed which is the most important component for an exam as competitive as GATE. It gives a proper analysis of your performance, by giving

  • All India Rank
  • Time taken in each question
  • Time taken by topper to answer that question
  • Weak areas for improvement
  • Complete analysis of performance on all India basis
  • Comparison with top rankers regarding marks, total time, accuracy levels
  • Video solutions by senior faculties.

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