How to make the most of GATE and ESE/IES Online Test Series?

Since ESE/IES exam and GATE paper are the most sought-after career options for engineering graduates and whenever they are around the corner, everyone gets busy brushing and buckling up for the final examination. The best way to do so is a test series for these exams. GATE Online Test Series or IES online Test Series is crucial to one’s preparation not only in the sense that it allows for proper revision and brushing, but also, to get an accurate idea of one’s true stand in the competition.

In addition, it’s a great opportunity for value addition to what you have already prepared and also to alter your current strategy if it does not seem helpful. Online test series for any exam plays a vital role as studying for the exam itself. Your preparation cannot be complete without a proper test series.

First Things First

First and foremost, the most important part is to join a good test series. This decision is very important since it may affect the course of your preparation at the most crucial time. The number of students that have relied on the test series in the past and the ones joining now should be good enough.

Only then it’s helpful in the sense that the ranks in a test give you an accurate idea of your preparation. Also, since the test series is also going to be a source of learning and value addition, it is necessary that the source be credible. Every now and then, aspirants of ESE exam and GATE paper have a number of apprehensions regarding the GATE online test series and IES Online Test Series.

In this article, in an effort to address all these apprehensions that we often receive, we try to answer all the questions that might cross your mind your course of preparation for GATE paper or ESE exam.

1. What is the right time to enroll for a GATE or IES Online Test Series?

  • Thinking about the test series just 2-3 months before the exam is not a good idea. Technically speaking, the best time to sign up for a GATE or ESE test series is two months after you start your preparation. The test series should serve the purpose of revision and evaluation as soon as you start with your preparation. Taking part syllabus tests first and the full syllabus test towards the completion of the syllabus can serve this purpose rightfully.

2. What are the important points to remember when starting the MADE EASY ESE test series or GATE 2020 online test series?

  • It’s always a good idea to prepare for a test before you appear for it. Only when you take a test after complete preparation from your end, its results can provide you with the correct analysis of your knowledge.
  • Properly revise the subject, its formulae, its concepts before you appear for its test. Ensure that you’ve covered all the topics that the test is going to examine. It not only, helps you attempt more, but also, boosts your confidence.
  • Don’t use a scientific calculator while you appear for GATE test series and ESE exam preliminary stage online test series. It may save you time while you take tests, but you’ll not develop a habit of a virtual calculator or solving questions without a calculator for ESE prelims.
  • As important as it is to appear for the tests, it is equally important to analyze your performance and learn from them. After you complete a test the best way that you think you could, always go through the solution provided by MADE EASY:

Engineering Mechanics Reports

MADE EASY even provides options to personally get in touch with the technical experts regarding your doubts to provide all its students with the best test-taking experience. Video solutions to almost all the concept based questions are recorded by senior faculty of MADE EASY and available to all the aspirants who enroll for the test series along with the written pdf solution for each question.

3. How to improve accuracy in the exam; I commit a lot of silly mistakes, how to rectify them?

  • If you commit a lot of silly mistakes, read a question at least twice before attempting, especially in conventional papers. Plan your answer before you start to write as you get limited space to write.
  • Always read the last line of the question before marking your answer, to be sure if the negation of the answer is asked, what units of the answer are given, etc.
  • If you have enrolled for the test series by MADE EASY, you can use the question wise analysis offered on the platform to analyze and work upon your accuracy:

How to improve accuracy in the exam; I commit a lot of silly mistakes, how to rectify them

Question Analytics

The above is the screenshot of time spent on a question by a candidate compared with the time that the topper taking the same test took, the marks gained/lost from that question, its difficulty level and all other relevant information pertaining to the same.

4. Should I attempt the complete test paper or stick to only questions that I know?

  • Neither of them would be helpful in the ESE exam or GATE 2020. It is advisable that you decide your attempt before the exam, based on previous cut-offs or your target rank.
  • When you appear for GATE or IES online test series, stick to your pre-decided attempt only. Go for smart guess only when your attempt is way below your decided attempt, else just revise to rule out any negative marking.
  • Smart guess should also be done only when you are at least 50% sure of your answer. Blind guessing should be avoided at all costs, since negative marking may do more harm than any good in the end and pull your rank down.

5. Is there any particular strategy to attempt questions in the ESE test series or GATE online test series? Should I start my test from the beginning or start from the end?

  • There is no specific strategy or pattern that would work well for everyone for attempting the question paper. Test series actually provides for a platform to aspirants for practicing and experimenting with all strategies or patterns to attempt the final exam.
  • However, it is recommended that for GATE paper, you attempt the 2 marks questions of the technical part first as their weightage is maximum and errors can be avoided if these questions are solved towards the start of the paper.
  • In ESE exam prelims though, since all the questions carry equal weightage, it is immaterial where you start from. Some students, though, find assertion reason questions easy to solve as they take minimum time and calculation, while others do not. So according to your comfort level with the different type of questions, you can decide where to begin the paper from.
  • The most important part being not getting stuck at any question and avoiding wasting time in lengthy questions or questions that require a lot of calculations. Tackle them towards the end if time permits.

6. What should I do once I complete my test? How to make value addition in my knowledge through test series?

  • After you’ve appeared for a test, try to attempt questions that you could not attempt in the exam hall. You may find that even without any extra help you could get through them.
  • Now let’s come to those questions that you could not attempt even after successive attempts, revise your class notes and find if you had studied those concepts or if they are new.
  • If they are based on some new concepts or new information, perform value addition to your notes but if you had studied the concepts before but forgot while taking tests, it implies you need to revise more sincerely.
  • If you are appearing for the tests online via MADE EASY GATE/ IES Online Test Series, you may use the overall analysis provided by MADE EASY to get an overall picture of how you are performing:

How to make value addition in my knowledge through test series?

7. What does my rank indicate in GATE or ESE online test series? What should I do if my rank in OTS is not good despite having solved previous year question bank?

  • After the results have been displayed, do not get swayed away. Neither by good marks or good rank nor by unexpectedly low ranks. Although rank is a good indicator of your performance, in test series, what matters more is consistent improvement.
  • Low ranks in some topic-wise or subject-wise tests may not even be an accurate indicator. It may be because only a few topics are considered in these tests. So, even though you are performing well holistically in Full syllabus tests and Mock tests, you might be lacking in that particular topic only.
  • You may also use the comparison tools in MADE EASY GATE/ IES Online Test Series to compare your performance with that of toppers and find where you lack or to analyze how the top cream is approaching the same test:

MADE EASY test series

Comparison Tools

  • Even if you don’t get a good rank, always keep an eye on your own score. It should improve in successive tests of the same topic or full syllabus tests.
  • After each test result, check the wrong attempts. If they were silly mistakes then you need to give tests with increased concentration. If you are committing conceptual errors or mistakes due to memory, you need to revise more comprehensively.

8. What is the best method to fill the OMR sheet for the ESE exam or ESE test series? Should I fill it all at once or after each question?

  • Don’t try to fill the OMR sheet all at once in end in ESE Exam. It is possible that you might fill some bubbles wrong in haste.
  • If you fill the OMR along with each question that you attempt, it may sometimes consume a lot of time. It also breaks the flow and continuity of solving questions for some aspirants.
  • An optimum approach would be to fill the OMR sheet after completing each page of your question paper. Two leaves of question paper generally contain 12-15 questions. So after completing one leaf, you can fill the OMR before you turn to the next leaf.

9. How many tests should I give in one day, especially in the last month?

  • Every once in a week, attempt one full syllabus test until you finish all the subject wise tests. After that, increase the frequency of full syllabus tests but not more than two tests a day.
  • Do not try to give more than two tests a day.
  • Correctly time the two tests to get proper time for refreshment before you attempt the next. Also, give at least one test specifically in the time slot of your actual exam.

10. What to do if I’ve not attempted a single test till now? Should I give the entire test series or selective topics’ tests only?

  • Do only what is most important. Also, focus on revision of what has been properly learned in the past.
  • You can take the maximum advantage of the test series by attempting in a planned manner.
  • Avoid the subject wise tests for topics in which you are confident already.
  • Go for subject wise tests for areas where you find yourself weak.
  • We recommend that you attempt maximum number of full syllabus tests and mock tests.


Computer-Based Tests, CBT conducted by MADE EASY is highly recommended. It gives you the real feel of the GATE exam environment. Students get a chance to let go off all the exam time nervousness and anxiety. Freshers get a chance to have the feel of exam like environment and how actual GATE exam would be conducted. All this helps aspirants by boosting their confidence. Also, since a lot of students enroll for it, you can know your true stand in the real competition. You can plan your strategy for the exam day accordingly.

Lastly, your revision schedule has a lot to do with your final result. It thus becomes necessary to plan your revision schedule in accordance with the test series. So that you’re ready for each test properly, just in time. Some institutes put in a lot of effort and research into designing tests for each stage the exams. You can utilize this effort in your favor by putting in just the right concentration at the right time.

All efforts that you have put in your preparation, its going to fetch result only when you apply it correctly. GATE online test series or ESE test series provide just the right opportunity. To practice this application of knowledge and improving accuracy along with maintaining the speed required. It thus becomes more and more valuable that you choose the right test series and appear for it seriously. Make the most out of online test series to boost your last step towards success in ESE and GATE papers.

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