Constraints in the Preparation of ESE/IES and GATE

Don’t let any constraints stop you in preparing for ESE/IES or GATE. Right from our childhood we all dream of becoming famous and doing something great in life. When we pass out of college that dream of success, power and a great lifestyle still inspires us to do something we are good at and achieve our childhood goal. For engineering graduates, GATE exam and ESE are the options that they look up to for fulfilling their dreams and to live their perfect life. While some students right away start their preparation by buying books and study material, but for some the path is not that easy. They are the ones who do not like to start anything in haste but instead take time to think of how to approach the particular examination. They plan and form a goal for themselves and many a time are stuck in between due to various constraints they face while preparing for the examination.

When life gives you lemons, make the best possible lemonade. So no matter how difficult a situation is, one can always find a solution. In a similar way all the constraints that the students face while preparing for the GATE/ESE examination can be solved with some patience and thinking. Today, for this blog, we actually tried to understand the students’ psyche and tried to focus on the various obstacles that the students feel that are stopping them from preparing for the GATE exam or Engineering Service Examination. We will try to address these constraints and also provide a solution to your problems.

So let us start with the constraints that students face while ESE/IES and GATE exam preparation.

  1. How to start ESE/IES Preparation:

    The first and foremost constraint that most of the students face is that they are clueless about where to start. Which subject to pick up, which book to buy and how to go about the preparation? Students, when they start preparing in college, are completely unknown to the examination arena and so they find it hard to decide how to manage both college and studies, how to start preparing and stay focused.

    So, for this, the simple solution is to first calm yourself down and go through the GATE exam syllabus or ESE/IES syllabus depending on which examination you want to appear for. The GATE or ESE/IES syllabus will give you an idea of what is required to study and you will get an idea of what all are your strong points and which subjects require deep study. Also you can inline your semester subjects with the GATE or ESE/IES syllabus of and complete them together.

    Next step should be to have a look at the previous year papers. You can buy the previous year question bank from the market. This will give you a wholesome view of the examination, type of questions asked and the weight age given to each subject depending on which you can choose which subject requires more preparation. Once you are done with the GATE or ESE/IES syllabus and papers, start watching or reading some toppers talk to get an insight into the preparation strategy of the toppers. Their interviews will help you decide on the books, coaching, test series and will clear most of your doubts.

  2. Finding a group to study:

    Students in the college or those preparing at home face the problem of not being able to interact with the fellow aspirants. They feel left out of the competition that they are going to face in the examination. They find it lonely and are unable to clear their doubts as they can’t find students who are preparing for the same examination. While giving test series also they have no one to discuss the problems with. After the examination is done, they have no one to discuss their answers with, the cutoffs and solutions to numerical questions.

    Keeping this problem of the students in mind. MADE EASY has started a Student’s Portal especially for the aspirants of GATE and ESE/IES preparation. The portal is open to all the students regardless whether you are a student of MADE EASY or not. In this portal, the students can interact with their fellow aspirants, toppers and also the MADE EASY faculty. If at any time you are stuck with any question and are unable to find the answer in text books, you can just log in to the forum and post your questions along with any image you think is necessary.

    This portal is a great platform for all the aspirants to share their studying pattern and also interact with other students. The portal is your friend at every point of time during the preparation and even after that. After you are done with the examination, then also you can find solutions, discuss the question paper and also check your estimated rank and marks through the Student Portal. This portal is one stop solution for all the students who are preparing from home and cannot find anyone to talk or discuss their studies.

    The Portal also informs the students of any new job notification that has been released by government department. Thus it becomes a one-stop solution for all the aspirants who want to apply for other jobs as well. The notification provides you with all the necessary details along with the age requirement, education, and the link to apply for the form.  This portal is the solution to your problem of preparing alone as it gives you the opportunity to interact with many people and form your own study group.

  3. Financial Constraint due to books and coaching:

    In Most of the interviews, toppers talk about how coaching has helped them in clearing the exam. They discuss about the teachers in the institutes, how well they teach, test series discussions, the notes teachers give and lot more. While many students enroll themselves in various institutes after college to accelerate their GATE exam preparation of ESE/IES preparation. Some students who are not financially very stable find it difficult to join these institutes and thus are discouraged and believe it to be one of the constraints in their preparation.

    Well, MADE EASY has a solution for this constraint as well. Such students can apply for National Scholarship Test (NST) conducted by MADE EASY twice every year. MADE EASY believes in helping students to reach their goal which is why it has announced a scholarship of Rs 5 crore. The NST, conducted twice every year by MADE EASY is specially designed for ambitious students belonging to the economically weaker section of the society.

    It is open for both MADE EASY & Non-MADE EASY students. It aims to provide these students scholarship ranging from 10-100% of the tuition fee of their preparatory course. The scholarship is available for both GATE exam and ESE/IES preparation; it is applicable for GATE, GATE+ESE long term classroom courses & 70 days’ Summer GATE course only. The students can opt for either technical based paper of any one of the five subjects (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science) or an aptitude based paper consisting of Engineering Mathematics, Reasoning and Aptitude and English.

    Pattern of the examination: Total Marks: 100
    Total Questions: 50
    Time Duration: 1 hour
    Per Question: 2 marks
    Negative Marking: 0.66 marks

    The examination is conducted at various centers around the country, twice every year. The students who qualify the examination are graded on 5 categories based on their performance in the examination. The scholarship amount varies based on your grades.

Grade Scholarship (% of tuition fee)
A 100%
B 75%
C 50%
D 25%
E 10%

Separate stream wise merit list is declared for each center of MADE EASY. So, if you are one of the talented aspirants who dream of ESE/IES and GATE but money is stopping you from fulfilling your dream. Then register for the NST examination by logging on to and fill in the necessary details for NST and your admit card along with date and venue will be mailed to you before the exam. The registration for NST 2 is still open, you should not miss the chance to learn from the best teachers in the country and reach your goal.

  1. Social Media and use of phone:

Smart phones are one of the main constraints students face while preparing for the GATE and Engineering Services Examination. The smart phone has become a distraction in the students. They become so used to checking their Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp every now and then. Well this surely is an issue but not something that cannot be solved.

Social Media is as helpful as you make it and as distracting as you want it to be. It is totally depending on how you use it and what purpose it serves you. Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp can actually be a friend to you while preparing for the GATE exam or Engineering Services examination. You tube has various inspiring videos of toppers, entrepreneurs and TED videos that inspire you to work hard. Also it has NPTEL videos which can help you in your studies and clear your concepts in the easiest way possible. Facebook can be used to interact with other students and toppers.

WhatsApp and Telegram are a great help in today’s digital age. These platforms have students who too are preparing for the GATE exam or Engineering Services Examination. Joining these groups can help you find essential study material, books and also you can form study circle with these students. Therefore, no matter how much you curse the social Media, it can be you friend at the time of distress if you use it efficiently.

  1. Keeping patience for a Long time:

    Exams like the GATE and Engineering Services Examination (ESE) have a vast syllabus and the time between the time you start preparation and the date of final examination is long. In the long time that students have to study, certain students lose patience and focus towards the exam. Not being able to concentrate for too long is a very normal constraint that students face.

    Solution to this problem is having a plan. Our brain works according to plans. Only when it has a plan and a goal does it work with full efficiency and is determined to complete the task on time. Therefore, before you start your preparation makes sure to make a plan and define your goals both for short term and long term keeping in mind the date of the examination. Every day of your preparation must be planned to the end. Also, when you plan your day and make your time table, do not miss out on rest time.

    Taking a break is of utmost importance during the preparation phase. A break will help your brain rest so that it can work again with full dedication again. So plan your study time giving due credit to both preparation and rest. Other important thing to keep in mind is to keep yourself physically fit. Eat right, avoid junk food and include lots of juices, vegetables and fruits in your diet. Also physical movement of the body is important. A great body makes a great mind. So make sure to take out at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule to exercise.

    Go for a walk, run or just do yoga at home. In the evening after you tired of studying go with your friend to the part and take a walk around. This will refresh your mind and also make you physically and mentally fit. Thus a good body, good diet and good plan will help you keep patience and concentrate for long hours.

Some other constraints like panic attacks, procrastination are all the results of one of the above reason. While aiming high and dreaming big for yourself is not a crime, make sure that you are not unnecessary pressuring yourself due to the examination. In this article we have tried our level best to provide the students an answer to all the constraints that they feel is becoming a barrier in their preparation.

Tom Kelly has rightly stated that ‘Constraints can spur creativity and incite action, as long as you have the confidence to embrace them’.  So if you have any more constraints or a barrier that is acting as a hindrance in your preparation, make sure to share the same with us and we will try our best to answer all your queries. Till then, all the very best for your exam and preparation. Stay focused and dedicated.

3 thoughts on “Constraints in the Preparation of ESE/IES and GATE

  • February 21, 2019 at 6:17 am

    How to deal with fear of not getting any job(private/govt.) due to the gap of 2-3 years after btech for attempting ese and still unable to qualify it.

    • February 21, 2019 at 6:02 pm

      No need to worry u got good job very soon Kk.. Not u so many students like u.. K

    • February 24, 2019 at 5:28 pm

      Dear Abhi,

      Thanks for writing to us. The only way to deal with such a situation is to stay confident and patient. Every person who has achieved success has gone through this phase, but what made them a winner was their persistence and their zeal to keep going. So don’t be disheartened it might seem dark right now but bright sunshine awaits you right around the corner.
      All the best.

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      Team MADE EASY


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