How to sustain the pressure of GATE / ESE Preparation

GATE and ESE preparation, besides guidance and study material, requires a strong willpower and determination.

GATE is a matter of 10-11 months, but some sophomores start early and they take 2 years dividing time equally for college curriculum and preparation for competitive exams. In this entire course of preparation it is very important that the student should stick to his/her final aim and stay motivated and dedicated in order to achieve it.

It is a psychological phenomenon that we tend to lose the concentration and get affected by other happenings around us. In fact, a large chunk of candidates tends to lose their focus when they get in their campus placements and some get affected seeing others getting selected.

Well, here are a few suggestions by MADE EASY experts on helping students for maintaining their focus and motivation throughout the preparation phase.

1. Success stories

Since you have set your goal, you should idolize the ones who have traversed the path successfully. To sustain the motivation with which you started the preparation, you should listen to/read the testimonials of the top rankers of that exam. Many of them achieve success despite unfavorable circumstances and many faced the same bottlenecks as you. Listening to them strengthens your belief that you can overcome the circumstances and achieve success. “If they can do it, then trust yourself you can also do it”.

2. Set your goals and remind yourself everyday

Well, when you need to maintain the same routine for a year or more, there are high chances of getting distracted in the middle. For example, many of the students get complacent when they start scoring good in the exams. It is always suggested that one should never get affected by results of university exams/ tests etc., rather they should be taken as indicators to check your preparation level. It is very important to remember that ‘Well begun is half done’. You should clearly define your goal (which should be quantified in terms of the score or rank you want to achieve) and keep it written at some conspicuous place where you get to see it every day. This exercise is highly recommended and has been followed by many successful people.

3. Choose the right peer group

It is true that our life and our daily decisions are affected by our social groups. It is very important that an aspirant should be in constant touch with other students who are also preparing for the same exam. The group and its members share a symbiotic relationship and help each other with application and exam preparation as well. This strongly helps in doubt clearance as when you clear doubts of your friends you are strengthening your own concepts. Knowledge increases by sharing and learning new things at every step. Talking to dedicated friends will always help you learn new ways to apply a formulae or a new approach to question which will lessen your time taken in exam.

4. Be in touch with your faculty

While preparing for GATE or ESE, there are chances of doubts arising in concepts or otherwise. It is a good practice to consult your faculty for the same than trying to do it yourself, if that takes too long. Being in touch with faculty saves a lot of time and efforts which can be channelized for the preparation as well. Also, they will motivate you and suggest you the most important areas, or make you alert regarding any silly mistakes from your end and all this will definitely add to your marks in the final exam.

5. Revise and practice your concepts

The most common advice is to be regular and diligent with your studies. Throughout the course, the student should reiterate the concept understanding by doing regular practice which strengthens the understanding further. Practicing should involve solving variety of questions:

  • Review of class notes.
  • Revise underlined/ highlighted portion of text book/notes which you must have marked in your first reading. Also solve any important examples in book if you have marked or you came across. Practice it once again.
  • Then attempt only the marked questions once more.
  • You can take new set of questions from test series and practice them

6. Take tests regularly

Tests are indicators of your preparation level and guide you in the right direction, by making you understand which subjects to study, which area to focus more, where you are committing mistakes and what are the points that can be improved to score more next time and in final exam.

All these factors are very important for ensuring that your study time is yielding best results. However, you should also try to take out small breaks for recreation as well, as these help you keep your mind fresh.

Make Stress Management and Maintain Self Motivation

Don’t get disappointed seeing performance of your friends and fellow mates, comparison should be with your own performance. Compare your last performance with your present one and identify your weak areas and then put sincere efforts in improving and rectifying your mistakes. Motivate yourself and keep up the spirits till last, sincere efforts and hard work are always rewarded. In case still you don’t perform in exam then consider “You have not failed, your success is just postponed “.

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