DAF Counseling and Interview Guidance Programme

“Your days of homework and hard work will be judged in approx. 20-30 mins of interview’’

When you have conquered 2 stages of ESE examination, it’s the time to hit the third. To go ahead for the third one, pre requisite is your DAF – Detailed Application Form.

DAF Counseling Session

Almost everyone who fills DAF has certain common questions popping up in their minds – How to make it more impressive?? What will be the order of preference for the departments? What to fill in the hobbies column??

As it is said first impression matters a lot – so

Before you appear on the seat in front of interviewer’s desk,

They have your DAF on their desks, and

This DAF will create an impression of the person coming next.

 Two simple words to follow when you fill these interrogating areas in your DAF is “Don’t Lie’’. This is the document, which will be the basis of your interview, so if you don’t know or you don’t have better is to leave blank.

 The main areas which create confusion are Service preference, Prizes/ medals/scholarships, Team games/Sports, Position of Distinction leadership, Hobbies and Interests.

  • In order to fill up the Department preference, it is important that you must know basic information regarding different departments, nature of work, job locations and then accordingly you must decide your service preference. To lessen your task of research about all departments, MADE EASY is organising exclusive DAF sessions to help you out in framing your preference order.
  • The rest 5 areas are those areas which you cannot copy from anybody; these are the areas which are unique to individual personality like Prizes/ medals/scholarships, Team games/Sports, Position of Distinction leadership, Hobbies and Interests. These are the areas which obviously will not lead to your rejection but if you have them then surely it will become a distinguishing factor among you and the person sitting next to you in the waiting section.

These are the areas where, when you write something, you should be extra cautious because questions will be put up in the interview. This has to be your profile, your prizes and your areas of interests and you must have basic knowledge about everything you mention on your DAF. For all the above stated points DAF session will really play a crucial role to guide you what to fill.

Grooming for Personality Test

Interview should not be taken lightly; many students who are top scorers in Mains are left far behind in the interview race.

UPSC interview panel consists of experts of various fields having a wide experience in technical section – may be somewhere around 20-25 years. You may think you are technically strong as you have cleared Mains, whatever you have learnt until now is bookish knowledge they will grill you on practical application. They don’t want engineer student, rather they are searching for Corporate Engineers to fit into the system of practical approach.

So to connect your learned book concepts with the practical application you need guidance from experts who can train you well.  Needless to say, MADE EASY has unmatchable expertise to mentor every Mains qualified candidate to handle this sensitive area.

Usually the technical part or your current job (if you are employed) related questions will account for 70%-80% weightage in your interview. The rest may comprise of Current Affairs and HR part. However, there is no such fixed criteria of weightage.

For the Current Affairs and HR part, they may ask you why you want to join IES? Why is this department on the top in the list of preference order? Why did you leave your previous job?? Such questions can only be answered when you get proper training.

Remember, this is not the conventional paper where one of your answers goes wrong that can be covered in other questions; in interview every word counts, one unsuitable word will take your interview in another direction and then recovery in the entire interview time is not possible. Hence, if you don’t give suitable answers your overall rank goes down irrespective of your Mains performance. This point makes it a must need to have proper interview handling guidance and that too from the best mentors.

MADE EASY has analysed UPSC pattern which definitely shows the track- where they emphasize and what type of questions they can ask and what answers they expect. To handle them well we give an exclusive Interview Guidance programme for ESE Mains qualified candidates where the team grooms you well so that the question put up to you is not the first time

Interview Guidance Course not only gives you strength in Current Affairs, HR and technical areas but also focuses on improving your overall personality for the interview; the point when you greet them till you say thank you, all eyes are on you and you will be judged on your every action. You obviously cannot slouch or lean back in front of interviewer; The ideal way to sit, the best dress for the day, the best way to greet the panel, the best way to introduce yourself – such areas are also equally taken care of in the Interview Guidance Program.

To face this interview, apart from learning “HOW”, every engineer needs rigorous practice to implement the tips. This can be done by giving regular “MOCK INTERVIEWS”. MADE EASY organises mock interviews simulating UPSC environment with renowned and experienced panel members who are retired civil servants, professors and personality grooming experts with wide experience. You can give mock interviews, implement the learnt tips, get rid of the fear of interview and make your UPSC interview the best interview ever.

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