A Mock Test is a test that is meant for practice and practice done in the right manner is sure to make one perfect. GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is conducted annually. It is jointly organized by IISC Bengaluru and the seven IITs. It serves as a gateway to PSU jobs, Master’s and Doctoral level courses across the country and CSIR Junior Research Fellowships.

So how do you start the practice for GATE? The aspirants who appear in GATE are graduates or going to be graduates. As the name suggests, it is the test in engineering so almost every topic of your engineering syllabus is in the GATE exam syllabus.

However, only studying from books is not enough. Solving practice papers and mock tests are equally important. Books comprise of particular chapters as well as questions from them whereas, mock tests are compiled by experienced senior faculties from premier institutes, and coaching institutes along with inputs by toppers. Abundant GATE mock test papers are available online and offline. You can find them easily online by typing mock test followed by the name of your stream, example: GATE mock test for mechanical, GATE mock test for computer science, etc. GATE has now become an online exam and practicing mock tests in the same medium will be advantageous. Choosing a mock test series which has low reputation and rating can turn out to be utterly useless and do precisely the opposite of what it is supposed to do. So when you select the mock test make sure to be very careful.

Aspirants mostly go for online mock tests to develop their brain and body for the real exam. A very reputed online test series for GATE exam is the MADE EASY test series. It has been well known to prepare students brilliantly for GATE exam. The questions have also been observed to be very close or same as the actual questions that come in the GATE exam later.

Mock tests are taken before the actual exam and play a significant role in the preparation. They not only help you practice questions and revise the syllabus, but they also help you identify your weaknesses. GATE mock tests are in high demand. Every aspirant appears for several tests before appearing for GATE. A mock test helps you in evaluating lots of factors. Some of the main factors that the GATE mock test helps you to evaluate are:

  1. Are you prepared enough for the exam?
  2. Subject or topics in which you are weaker?
  3. Are you managing the time efficiently?
  4. Will you be able to revise in case you want to?
  5. Which strategies should you adopt to overcome the area you are weak?
  6. Where do you stand on All India Basis?

For all these, a good test series which gives you complete performance analysis will surely help like MADE EASY Online test series. Almost every GATE aspirant of nation opts for it and you have a good competition similar to GATE.

Revisions are vital factors in any preparation. They not only help you recapitulate the data but also keeps your brain active and makes you more efficient with the section being revised. Mock tests help the aspirants by letting them revise the entire syllabus while appearing for the tests. This also improves the ability of the brain to recollect the answers when required. This makes the actual exam quite a few notches easier. When you train your brain for the process, then the process comes out to be as a routine for brain, thereby it will save time for the GATE exam.

Nearly all mock tests are a mirror which shows you where you truly stand. This helps any aspirant in understanding the direction of the extra efforts that he/ she has to put in. Moreover, mock tests provide you with high-quality questions which prepare you to your best. Many of the questions that are asked in the mock tests actually appear in the GATE exam itself. Thus, appearing for mock tests is a huge advantage for the aspirant.

 “Practice makes man perfect.” It is not only a saying but truth in itself. Practice makes you perfect as well as increases your confidence level. It helps you improve time management and perform well.

Mock tests are also the answer to phobias. They help in overcoming the fear of exam. Also, the reactions of the mind and body like over-excitement, nervousness and panic during the exam gets eliminated. The more test you practice, the better it is for you. Mock tests also help you in developing a positive attitude. This is very necessary for the real exam when the stress levels of the aspirants are usually very high.

To crack a tough exam like GATE, one has to be extremely focused and dedicated. People have been literally seen to be obsessed with GATE examination. The only path to success is continuous effort. One must keep trying and trying till he/ she gets the success that he/ she wants. But, being burdened with the preparation is not at all healthy. It will only spoil the preparation and increase the unproductive time as well as the idle time. One must enjoy the preparation. If one starts enjoying it, then one loves doing it, and when that happens, everything becomes more comfortable. The aspirant should also take the competition in a healthy manner. Getting stressed will only reduce your chance of performing well during the examination.


It is a crucial question. Many aspirants either end up taking too many tests and mentally exhausting themselves or end up appearing for too less, thus, remain under prepared. It is essential for any aspirant of GATE 2019 to know how many mock tests should he/she take and what should be the interval between the two tests. Here are some guidelines to help you understand this:

  • In the very beginning take only one test a week to start off with; you can start with topic-wise tests, then proceed to subject wise tests. This way your subject will get prepared thoroughly.
  • 5 months before the examination start taking 2 tests per week.
  • 3 months before GATE examination take 3 tests a week
  • When only 2 months remain for the GATE exam, take about 4- 5 tests per week.
  • One month before the main GATE exam take 1-2 tests every day. Make sure that some of these tests are topic wise test, some are subject wise, and some are full syllabus tests.
  • 10 days before the main GATE exam stop taking tests. This is the time to revise formulae/concepts and solve questions in a non-test mode
  • The day before the main GATE exam, only revise and forget about any more tests. Write and revise formulae so that it gets revised very well and you can recollect them in examination hall.


It is essential for any aspirant to select the mock test series (if online) or papers (if offline) that are known to prepare the aspirants well for GATE exam. These mock tests should follow the GATE 2019 syllabus as well as the standard. There are many such tests available, which are just a waste of time. If you fall into the trap of these tests, then you are bound to suffer. Thus, an aspirant must be very sure about the productivity of the mock test before he/ she invest valuable money, time and effort into it.

Here are some of the points that you should consider seriously before selecting the mock tests (both online and offline):

  1. The test papers should be developed by experienced senior faculties from the premier institutes in India. Former GATE toppers also should have had a hand in developing these tests.
  2. The mock test should cover all the three types of tests namely: Topic-wise test, Subject-wise test, and Full syllabus test.
  3. The tests should be designed ensuring that it systematically covers the entire syllabus.
  4. The mock tests should be designed based on the upcoming GATE syllabus. The design should also consider the trend of the question appearing in GATE over the past years.
  5. The Test Series should include Basic as well as Advanced level tests. This will enable concept building, and the performance of the aspirant will increase.
  6. The mock test result should not just be a number or grade. It must have a full analysis of the aspirant’s performance. This analysis should be done by experienced senior faculties only.
  7. The Online Test Series should be available for all the major streams included in GATE.
  8. The institution which is conducting the mock test should be research driven. This assures that the questions are standard. Moreover, this also assures that the question forecasting is near accurate.

There are many test series available. You will have to decide which test series will guide you to the way ahead giving the taste of actual GATE exam. Choosing the best and most opted test series like MADE EASY Online Test Series will be surely beneficial for every aspirant.

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