5 essential tips by toppers for cracking GATE and ESE

As lakhs of techies rub shoulders to secure their spot in a few hundred vacancies in premier institutions or best jobs, it would not be an overstatement to say that the selection is a test of nerves along with acumen. Evident by the staggering GATE scores and the total marks, GATE Exam is a battleground where even a small mistake will cost your rank.

As an old phrase says “Perfection can be achieved by rigorous practice”, your toil for the exam does not cease if you are studying the conventional way. Now, what to practice and how to practice can be best explained by toppers, they are the one who can give the tested route taken by them to achieve success in the examinations. These are few of the tips that various toppers from MADE EASY have shared over the time.

1. Maintain focus

GATE Exam 2018 topper in the CSE branch, Namita Kalra, shares her experience and says that MADE EASY study material and the class notes were the only resource she used during her preparation. Despite being out of touch from academics for a long time, she was able to secure the top rank because she maintained high level of concentration by not deviating from the path suggested by mentors and meticulously practiced questions.

2. Concepts clarity since college days

Another GATE 2018 topper Ocima Kambhoj, who secured rank 1 in Production Engineering was professionally engaged in corporate environment till December. She dedicated 2 months for the preparation of GATE exam, much less than most of the aspirants, and attributes her success in such a short time to her clarity of concepts in the class. She attributes her success to the notes she had made in the college time.

3. Having an exam strategy

Ashish Singh, who secured All India Rank 3 in GATE 2018 in Mechanical Engineering, scored almost 95 marks in the exam. He says that his exam temperament and exam preparedness came with MADE EASY test series. He recommends all aspirants to take the tests seriously and analyze the performance in each test and rectify your mistakes and make sure you don’t repeat it next time.

4. Test centric preparation

Another student, Pravind Singh who scored second rank in UPSC Engineering Services Exam says that he tried to note down his weaknesses after each test and consequently revised them at regular intervals. Pravind’s rank in his mock tests was always under top 5 and he feels that the rank in the MADE EASY Test Series is highly reflective of the actual performance.

5. Self-written notes / Log

Mr. B Singh, a veteran in training students to succeed in GATE and ESE believes that self-introspection and gradual improvement is very important for raising your standards. He recommends keeping a log either in a phone or in a diary of all the strengths and weaknesses. This helps students to ascertain their current standing and how much they need to improve besides giving the required motivation.

What to study and what not to study? 

Divide subjects in three categories of MOST IMPORTANT, MEDIUM IMPORTANT and LEAST IMPORTANT depending on weightage in GATE examination and revise the most important subjects rigorously as they contribute majorly. This will surely help in times of your revision.

And, last but not the least, hard work is indispensable for acing any exam. But, you need to ensure that your hard work is headed in the right direction so that it bears the best possible results.

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