Interview for PSUs: What the interviewers expect from you

The GATE 2019 examination is right around the corner and most of you would be busy with the GATE preparation, putting your hard work and striving to attain the best result possible. While we know that the GATE examination requires lot of studying, clarity in your concepts and lots of practice and revision. For all of you who are aiming for top PSUs jobs  in India it is also of utmost necessity that you keep in mind the next round ‘Interview’ which after the GATE 2019 result will be final deciding factor of your career.

We all are well aware of the GATE 2019 examination pattern , its syllabus and to know more about the exam , you can also check it at . Gate exam provides a lot of career paths to engineering students which includes: Further studies, fellowship, jobs in PSUs. Every year students based on their preference choose the option that is best suited for them. Today we want to talk to all those students who plan to opt for PSU jobs after GATE 2019 examination. We will be providing you an insight into the PSUs  Interview stage of the recruitment and what the interviewer expects from you.

Let us begin with a brief about the recruitment in PSU through GATE.

  1. PSU job recruitment through GATE consists of mainly three stages: GATE examination score, Group discussion and Interview. These stages can vary depending on which PSU you are being called for.
  2. Different PSUs have different requirements criteria, related to the subjects, format of selection and also the weigthage given to GATE score.
  3. Most PSUs give higher weight age to GATE score (85%), special focus is given to Group Discussion and Interview.
  4. The numbers of candidates called for the interview are almost 4-5 times that of the number of actual vacancies.
  5. To crack the PSU interview it is extremely necessary that you have the one thing in you, which makes you stand out of the crowd. So be confident and honest.

A PSUs interview panel normally comprises of 4-6 members and every member depending on his/her area of expertise will expect different skills and knowledge from candidates. But some very common expectations that the interviewers have from candidates have been shown with a process diagram.

Above is a cycle of all the things an examiner expects out of the candidate who comes for the PSU interview:

  1. Good Resume:

A good resume is not the one with fancy fonts or one which is multicolored or boastful. While making a resume make sure that you mention only those points which are relevant to the PSU being applied to. Every PSU has different expectations depending on the type of role you are being asked to perform. Mentioning points like AIEEE rank or NSTSE exam in class 5 is not relevant when you are applying for a PSU job. SO the points to remember while making a resume are:

  1. You must mention your relevant achievements in college and later in proper timeline starting for the latest and going back.
  2. If you have a blog or website, or any other special art form that you follow passionately then do not forget to mention about it as that creates a good impression on the examiner regarding your extracurricular activities.
  3. Some important points that you feel you can explain well about yourself, do not mention in the resume. instead say it during the interview when asked about yourself.
  4. Do not make the resume too fancy, but basic elemental resume too is also not the talk of the town. So try using a format which is formal, latest and very easy to scan through.
  5. Do not by any chance mention hobbies that are bizarre and no need of mentioning hobbies like sleeping, bathroom singing etc.
  6. Know the company :

When you plan to go for an interview of any PSU makes sure you are well aware about the company; what it does, the work profile you are being offered and many more. You don’t have to do a PhD on the PSU but you must know the basic sectors the company is involved in and who are the present personnel heading the company. An interviewer would expect the candidate to know all the important things about the company.  Points to know about the PSU:

  1. About the PSU, its recent achievements if any, leaders, sectors it is working in and if it has subsumed any other company, CSR projects.
  2. About the job profile being offered to you, the pay scale, and service bond if any.
  3. Go through their website of the PSU and brush up all the recent archives in their portal.

What is also important is if you are unaware of the questions being asked to you about the company, be honest instead of beating round the bush as the examiner knows the answer and it is useless wasting his time.

  1. Clarity of subjects :

Only candidates who have cleared the GATE 2019 examination with good scores will be called for the interview, so the examiner will expect the candidates to know their subjects well. While you cannot be a master of all subjects, choose at least 2 to 4 of your favorite subjects from graduation and make sure to know those subjects inside out. Apart from this you must also know about your industrial training, the college final year project and your job profile (if you have a prior job experience). There have been interviews where the examiner has asked questions on these topics

Apart from your clarity of subjects, a test of your general knowledge has become a very common method of testing the candidates. In almost all PSU interviews candidates are asked questions regarding any recent activities, new science discoveries or news that has been of national or international importance. One is not needed to be meticulous about the newspaper but you must know what’s going around you as an aware citizen.

  1. Tricky questions :

While the above 3 points are something that one is always prepared to answer but most of the times interviewers have some tricky questions up their sleeves to confuse and challenge the candidate and get a view of how the person will perform when put in difficult and uncommon situations. Questions like: Why our company, your biggest disappointment, which company would you join if selected in two companies at the same time, your Strengths and weaknesses. Now in such questions you should not come across as someone who is weak and susceptible to pressure but also you cannot let the questions left unanswered. So choose your answers properly. There is no harm in thinking before you speak something, instead of just talking about something which may later backfire you. While most candidates are not sure how to answer such questions, taking interview guidance from coaching institutes comes in really handy. The institutes can help you and guide you to reach a perfect answer to the interviewer’s questions and groom you up to face any such difficult situation. You can also join the Interview Guidance Program at Made Easy.

  1. Special Guidelines:

 The above 4 guidelines are regarding the questions, resume expectations of the interviewer but what we all forget sometimes is ‘Your first impression is your last impression’. SO the interviewer’s expectation depends a lot on how you enter the interview room, greet the interviewers, dress up on that day and most of all if you are calm and smiling or fidgeting around with your finger, clothes or pen. Therefore, in the same line some tips would be:

  1. Make sure to dress up formally and wear neat, pressed and clean clothes.
  2. Make sure to calm your mind and not panic when sitting outside or inside the interview room. In panic you may start moving your feet, chewing your nails or playing with your pen. This creates a negative impact on the interviewer and which is the last thing you would want.
  3. Knock the door before you enter the room and when asked to enter smile and greet everyone.
  4. While answering, make sure you are smiling and looking at everyone in the room and not fixated at only one person.
  5. When asked to talk about yourself, mention points which are not already mentioned in the resume. Make sure to mention points on which further questions can be asked and your interview can begin on a good note.
  6. Do not beat round the bush, if you know the answer say and if you don’t then also tell the interviewer that you are not aware.
  7. Even if you disagree on a point, keep your motion very politely and with respect.

Above we have discussed all the points that you must keep in mind and they are also the ones which the interviewer is expecting you to know.

Though now you all are busy with your GATE 2019 preparation, but always remember that if you want to opt for PSU job after GATE you must study your subjects really well so that you can answer all the questions asked by the interviewer. Also after the exam you must start preparing the other points like your resume, you achievements, start grooming yourself and most of all if you are little shy and introvert, try talking to yourself with confidence so that you do not falter in the interview. Keeping all these tips handy, we hope the best for you. If you still have any queries regarding the interview, please write to us in the comments below. You can also take mock interviews with us through our Interview Guidance Program.


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  • December 11, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Sir i have 6.9 cgpa in btech does this put effect in psu interview please suggest me

    • December 17, 2018 at 7:39 pm

      Dear Rituraz,

      Thanks for writing to us. The CGPA is only an eligibility criterion for the interview . To crack the PSU interview, all that matters is your GATE score as well as the score you get in the interview.

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      Team MADE EASY


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