PSUs Interview Guidance

With interviews of PSUs about to start in a week or so, every candidate is worried what to do and what not to do, how to prepare etc. Too many questions keep coming to our minds, may be this post of mine will help you to prepare well……. Based on my experience and cumulative views from my friends who appeared for the interviews of various PSUs I have compiled some points, which will be definitely useful for you:

  1. Prepare a brief introduction about yourself; they may start with your hobbies, your native place, and strength and weakness areas. Be prepared before hand to answer such general questions.
  2. Then seeing your college name, academic background they may ask certain questions like why you scored low marks in 12th /engineering , year of passing of 12th standard, from where did you do vocational training etc.
  3. Prepare a reason for your gap, but don’t try to fool them, be honest and give a reason that is justifiable.
  4. If you are a fresher, one possibility is based on your answers they may move towards your degree project. You should be thorough in this topic as it is the project that you have done, so should be well versed with the procedures and results. You should also be familiar with the subjects which are part of your degree project, as the next question will be from that area only.
  5. If you are working, then they will start with your current profile of job, they may ask questions related to your work, and then they may connect it with the technical subjects.
  6. Second possibility is they may ask your favourite subject, but they won’t be confined to that subject. They may start with the mentioned subject but believe me they may ask questions from other subjects as well, getting links from your answers only. You should be well prepared with definitions, principles and practical applications.
  7. Be prepared with the subject of concern with their PSU, you should be able to connect the technical subject with the practical application in the PSU.
  8. GD is the process of rejection, in which from a group of say 8-10 people they will select 2-3. To perform well in GD one should be well updated with the latest happenings of the country. You can practice by speaking for 7-8 min in front of your family members or friends and in this they can also participate it will be more like a GD.
  9. Some GD topics this year can be
    • Some political topics , govt schemes, Modi Wave across the country
    • Cow slaughtering Face book and Cambridge analytica
    • Ups and Downs faced in life due to our own choices
    • Smart city concepts
    • Digital India
    • Make in India
    • Nuclear weapon
    • Celebrities and judicial decisions(black buck case)
    • Education system in India
    • Jallikattu
    • Trending IPL and may be topic could get connect with Vijay Mallya
    • Niti Ayog
  10. Don’t go against our constitutional articles; don’t give controversial statements in the entire interview.
  11. Prepare well about the PSU, of which you are going to give interview. Their normal facts and figures, recent developments about them in news, their chairman and all should be prepared.
  12. You should prepare the questions like
    • why do you want join this PSU,
    • Your rank is good if we don’t select you, then you will be called for another PSU, then why this.
    • you are leaving your job you think you will be successful here
    • if you are not selected this year , will you be coming next year what are your aims
    • PSU will give you a posting in remote locations , how will you manage
    • Are there any disadvantages of govt jobs
  13. If they ask about your future aims, never show your inclination towards IES. Make sure you support every time that you are willing to work for PSU and will continue to do so.
  14. Never lie them, if you don’t know anything don’t try to fool them say sorry and move ahead with the next question.
  15. You have to answer confidently, but never answer a wrong answer confidently; in such situation you may say “I am not sure but I think …..”
  16. Take interview sportingly and be confident in your answers. They may try to confuse you, but if you are sure then respond in a polite manner.
  17. Don’t get friendly with the interview board, the people sitting on the other side of the table are very experienced and respectful people, you will have to talk to them politely and behave as you behave in front of your seniors.
  18. Never complain about your family problems, financial problems.

All the best , I hope this will surely help, because interview goes around these points, so its always better if you prepare before and then face the interview.
For a practice , you can also enrol in MADE EASY interview guidance program , in this they take mock interviews and give suggestions on the areas of improvement .

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