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MADE EASY group under the guidance of Mr. B. Singh, Ex IES and a renowned educationalist with a strong belief “Imparting Quality Education is the biggest religion” is a timeless expression of intent for MADE EASY. As we complete 2 decades in the coming year of imparting quality education because of our courses, books, workbooks, and other study material still our promise remains unflinching and absolute. The success stories that our students have written has indeed turned MADE EASY from a name into a brand and still our belief is that” Sky is the Limit”. Our student’s success rate has always touched new horizons and has added feathers to the MADE EASY hat year on year, strengthening our position as India’s best institute for IES, GATE and PSUs (Engineering Examination Preparation), and guidance.

This year we celebrate the success of our students with 94% selection in ESE-2019 along with 426 selections in the top 100 in GATE 2019 exam. Success is not a result of a day’s work but is a result of continuous and untiring efforts of the entire MADE EASY team especially the faculties. Hence, MADE EASY has always been on the forefront to help and guide the students at each and every phase of the examination through best classroom guidance, highest quality study material, finest test series, unsurpassable interview guidance, and nonpareil support.


Selections in ESE 2019 from MADE EASY

Selection in GATE 2019 from MADE EASY

In lieu of the above statements, there are various trail of events and achievements which showcase that we have continuously improved, delivered our promises, evolved consistently by living up to our brand value and wrote enormous success stories.

Talking about the ESE (Engineering Service Examination) Prelims and Main exam, taking into consideration MADE EASY class notes, workbooks, theory books, and test series, it is very well concluded that emphasis was laid on almost every aspect of the exam be it theory or the numerical part in each branch. Rigorously provided class notes, study material, and postal package all shout the same. MADE EASY reframes the entire study material year on year by analyzing the pattern and trend of the examination. So, This year will be marked remarkable in the history of MADE EASY as a great achievement, due to the fact that direct questions from MADE EASY workbook appeared in the exam and benefitted the students.

We do not just stop here because if we analyze MADE EASY ESE-2019 Mains test series, a similar thing was observed, where the quality questions of MADE EASY test series appeared in the exam in one way or the another, giving our students an edge over others in this cut-throat competition.

Following table clearly shows the number of questions in each paper of MAINS Exam which were covered in the MADE EASY Engineering Examination Preparation study material and test series, because we design study material from the examination point of view.


Branch Paper -1 Paper – 2 Percentage
Civil Engineering 34/39 29/30 91.30%
Mechanical Engineering 36/40 26/28 91.17%
Electrical Engineering 25/28 27/28 92.85%

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

40/45 27/33 86.00%


Civil Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering:

E &T Engineering:

Looking at the unpredictable nature of the exam and keeping into consideration the vast syllabus of ESE along with the stipulated time. So, it becomes quite a task to study and practice from several sources. Thus, thinking from student’s point of view MADE EASY has designed the study material i.e. Workbooks, Theory Books and Test Series in such a way that it covers all the aspects from examination point of view, eliminating the requirement of the standard books, and proving ourselves as a One-Stop-Shop for all the preparation needs.

On top of it, because of vast experience and deep knowledge of esteemed faculties of MADE EASY helped us to predict accurate cut off of the various stages of ESE (Engineering Service Examination). This accurate cut off prediction benefitted students to prepare a strategy for the next stage of Engineering Examination Preparation. So as to get an extra edge over other aspirants.

 The following table shows the nearest cut off prediction for both Prelims as well as Mains stage:

Prelims Paper Analysis and Cut Off Prediction


Prelims Paper Analysis and Cut Off Prediction:


Mains Paper Analysis and Cut Off Prediction:


Now that is what we call the beauty of MADE EASY team – beginning from a small classroom, we have transformed and developed ourselves as an unmatched and unsurpassed organization by helping students to transform their dreams of being an officer into reality and became a pioneer in this industry by laying our footprints on sand which now have turned concrete and our pillars have become unshakeable.

Also, we have outperformed our own results year on year and proved that success is not a matter of fact it is a combination of hard work and smart work. And this is what we will spread that Great & Good work needs dedication; MADE EASY did it and will continue to prove our metal and create history by transforming the education industry because we understand that every student has the capability, it is just that the correct guidance and support is needed.

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