Smart work vs hard work: Which is better?

‘Dreams don’t work, unless you do’. Well, we have often heard that ‘Work smart and not hard’, but what really is smart work. Does only smart work brings you success, and if so then why are so many of us still busy putting our blood and sweat in working hard to reach our goals? Whether we should opt for smart or hard work, and which will bring us more efficient results is one of the topics we often hear being discussed among people. Well let’s break the ice and talk about SMART WORK vs HARD WORK.

SO let’s start with some basic examples: Ages back the cage man pushed his cart or huge pieces of stone for carrying it from one place to the other.

But the modern man made a wheelbarrow to easily carry his load and travel long distance with less effort and with more efficiency.

This is a classic example of smart work. When we work for a given task depending on its worth and put our effort and apply our brain in order to produce maximum result by using minimum labour then it is known as Smart Work.

Whereas Hard work is all about consistently working towards a particular goal irrespective of its worth and not being worried about the result or by not using any means to reduce your effort.

While both methodologies have their pros and cons, it is normally seen that an amalgamation of both gives perfect and efficient results. So let us now study the arguments for both the work forms and then draw a conclusion about what should be preferred.

Hard Work

  1. Commitment: Hard work requires a lot of commitment and sincerity from the person and is not an easy one to follow. A hard worker needs to consistently work towards what he perceives to be worth it, no matter how challenging the situation is. Success for the Hard Worker comes after putting long hours at work which deprives him/her the comforts of life.
  2. Traditional format: Hard work sticks to the traditional form of doing work and there are not many changes that are incorporated in the pattern of working.
  3. Tedious: being a traditional form of working pattern, hard work requires a lot of effort and consistency and thus it becomes tedious and tiresome. An overnight success in not ensured by hard work.
  4. Monotonous: Hard work aims at the quantity and may become monotonous and boring for some. But if done with heart and soul, it can give you the best results.


  1. Requires in depth knowledge: One of the pre requisites of smart work is having an in depth knowledge of the work in hand as that will make your work easy and you can look for efficient ways to do the work in a more planned and organized way .
  2. Saves a lot of time: Being a smart worker saves a lot of time as you can find ways and means to reduce your work by using logical and innovative ways to achieve your goals. This not only saves your time, but it also gives you enough time to learn a new task while completing the present one.
  3. Faster realization of goals: Not relying on traditional ways and using improvised ways of working, smart work is a faster method which helps you reach your goals earlier.
  4. Builds your strengths: When one acquires in-depth knowledge about any work and finds ways to improve the working pattern in order to achieve the goal efficiently and in lesser time, it really builds up on your strength and helps you become a master of the work in hand.
  5. Need of the hour: In today’s era of technology and fast moving times, smart work is the need of the hour. Smart work provides easier way to do a certain task and provides similar results in lesser time frame.
  6. Result of hard work: While we have seen that the smart work is a better option, but what we forget is that smart work is the fruit of hard work. Only when you work hard you gather the expertise and the knowledge to understand the work in hand and efficiently improve on it and work smartly.

So having discussed both hard and smart work, what do you think should be preferred? Well some people believe that only hard work does not give them the desired results in the allotted time frame whereas the smart workers attain their goals faster through proper time management. On the contrary some people also have the notion that smart work is a shortcut to hard work and can never help you attain the goals with same efficiency and consistency as compared to hard work. Well we know that you are completely confused between the two. But let us answer that for you. We are sure you have heard of ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. Well that is true in this case too, if you use either of these individually it may create a problem for you but a perfect mix of both smart and hard work is what will bring you success.

End goal

One can attain great heights and lead a better and comfortable life if one incorporates both smart and hard work together. Such a person in due time attains all the accolades and recognition. If you are not smart your hard work will never pay. Just like a donkey only does hard work, whereas a horse does hard work but uses his smartness whenever and wherever needed.  In a similar way smart work is the result of hard work, to master the quality of smart work one really needs to work hard. Through hard work we gain experience which helps us discover new things which in turn helps us to work smartly. Effort is important, but where to make that effort makes a difference.

So always remember

‘Before you work smart, work hard’ and ‘If you only work hard, and not smartly, you may end up only working for the rest of your life.’

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