Things to keep in mind while enrolling for a test series

To all those students who are new to this arena of ESE 2019 and GATE 2019, you might be facing some problems with respect to the coaching, online test series, teachers and many more. We have heard from a lot of our students who are confused about which online/offline test series they must buy and what should they keep in mind while enrolling for test series. Well today’s blog will solve your problem, you no more have to run around asking seniors and colleagues as we will help you and guide you on how to pick the best series.

Online Test series are a set of mock tests that an institute conducts depending on the exam and its syllabus. While some test series are designed based on individual subjects, some have different full length tests covering the entire syllabus.

First let’s start with why we need a test series.

  1. Getting familiar with the examination: Test series provide you an ambience similar to the final examination whether it is for GATE 2019 or ESE 2019. Thus test series helps you get familiar with the exam and the time frame to attempt each question. This will help you during the exam as you wouldn’t feel the examination to be new for you and thus will be able to put your best foot forward.
  2. Discipline: While you can attempt the test papers and previous year paper questions at home, but it is extremely important that you face the ambience and the discipline that is required during the final examination. Therefore you must go to the centers allotted by institutes for the online test series and give the exam. Tests series is for learning and as long as you are taking home new ideas and concepts, your motive of joining the test series is being fulfilled. This discipline of giving the online test series will help you while appearing for the GATE 2019 and ESE 2019.
  3. Helps in Time Management: Time is an important factor when you want to clear any exam and test series are the best way to manage your questions in the given time in the most effective way possible. Mock papers help you manage the total time allotted to you for different sessions and provide you an idea of how to attempt the paper. Some papers are held in two shifts, for those exams mock papers provide you a practice for sitting for 2-3 hours with full concentration and efficiency.
  4. Boosts Confidence: Practice apart from making you perfect also boosts up your confidence. The more questions you solve the more you recognize your strong and weak areas and subjects. Thus you can work harder on your weak areas and solve the GATE 2019 and ESE 2019 question paper on the examination day with confidence. During the final examination you wouldn’t feel the environment to be any different due to the practice you have had in the online test series. Then, like say GATE 2019 exam will have a virtual calculator, then there is a need to get acclimatize with all functions of a virtual calculator, then for ESE 2019 Pre , calculator is not allowed , so practice will help you to manage the examination better and be confident while answering the questions with utmost accuracy.
  5.  Reduces the Chances of Mistakes: Small mistakes like wrong calculations, lack of attention, missing out on questions are some common mistakes that candidates generally make. When you have practiced lots of question, your probability of committing such silly mistakes reduces a lot. You always learn from your mistakes so the more number of mistakes you commit during the practice paper the less likely you are to repeat them during the final examination. You are more careful.
  6. Immediate Analysis of Your Preparation Status: Online/Offline Test series provide you a real time analysis of your preparation. It provides the candidate a feedback of their weak and strong areas, of their ranking among the competitors and an analysis of the exam. Thus after practicing questions you get a fair idea of where you need to concentrate and where you need to improvise.

Having understood the importance of online test series for GATE 2019 and Offline Test series for ESE 2019, let us now look at how to choose test series. With so much competition in the market, every coaching institute promotes their test series as the best. But as an aware and serious candidate we must have an idea about the prerequisites before choosing a test series.

online test series for GATE 2019 and Offline Test series for ESE 2019

  1. Probability of the questions appearing in the exam: Before you join a test series go through the previous year paper of the GATE/ESE exam and study the type of questions that are asked in the exam. Keeping in mind the format and type of questions in previous year paper try to check if the questions asked in the test series are liable to come in the exam or not.

Eg. A simple question like define ohm’s law will never come in the exam, but any question which requires the application of the ohm’s law has a high probability to be asked in the exam.

  1. Feedback from toppers: Every topper during his/her interview after clearing the exam mentions the test series he /she joined. Thus read lots of blogs and watch lots of videos of toppers in order to understand the general trend among the toppers. This will give you an idea of which institute provides the best test series, which are closer to the exam format. After going through blogs and videos , it becomes evident that most sought after test series by every topper comes out to be MADE EASY test series.

Since almost two decades MADE Easy has established its name as a pioneer in ESE/GATE coaching .Every year thousands of our students top the exam and make us proud. Since its establishment in 2001 Made Easy test series and courses has given birth to toppers in various branches.  You too can add your name to the list of toppers by visiting us at:

  1. Format of the test series: The GATE 2019 and the ESE 2019 questions will have different types of questions like single choice, multiple choices; match the following, assertion and reason, for ESE 2019 mains and state level engineering exams subjective questions. So you need to make sure that the mock papers too have a variety of each so that you get a flavor of all while appearing for the mock tests. Failing to have all the variety though will help you learn but will not give you an idea about the setup of the real exam. It will only be wastage of your money and time, if the mock paper doesn’t give you an insight into the real exam.
  2. Solutions provided: After the test series are completed, every coaching provides solutions to its candidates to better understand the paper and check their mistakes. Some coaching provide only text solution, some have video lectures and some coaching provide you the opportunity to attend discussion classes and understand (any question you left unattempted) from the teachers. Depending on your choice and the mode of solution that is most comfortable for you choose the institute which has the best teachers who explain the questions with utmost sincerity and simplicity.
  3. Type of the exam: As mentioned earlier some coaching’s have test series modules designed based on subjects whereas some have full length tests and some have both. Therefore it is necessary that you choose as per your needs. Personally it is a better buy if the tests are based on both subject wise as well as full length tests ; as the subject wise gives you better insight into which subject’s what topics you need to work on and the full length tests train you for a thorough preparation and trains you exam oriented approach. This way you can plan your preparation accordingly and manage both your time and questions with utmost efficiency.
  4. Price: The one most important factor is the price. With so many test series in the market and cut throat competition , every institute has a varied range of test series, depending on the tests, subjects covered and many more criteria. Institutes have scholarship programmes to therefore it is necessary that before enrolling you check on the scholarship programmes, price of test series and then choose wisely. However, price should always be a second factor, quality should be looked first.

Time distribution: Different coaching provide different time frame for the test series you must make sure that the once you choose should suit your preparation strategy and you do not have to change your planning because of the exam. Also what must e kept in mind is that the test series should not continue till the exam. 2-3 weeks before the exam you should get over with your test series so that you have enough time to revise and look back into the mistakes you have made earlier.

Keeping in mind all the above points, we at MADE EASY dedicatedly work to provide our students the best test series. Made Easy test series are specially curated by our R&D team keeping in mind the latest exam trend and ESE/GATE pattern. After the test series we make sure to provide our students solutions that help them understand the topic and the concept of the question with utter ease. Along with written solutions, we also provide video solutions to clear any doubts persisting in the minds of the students.

It is a common notion that ESE/GATE  exam is for extra ordinary and intelligent students. But you must always remember that the difference between an ordinary and an extra ordinary person is only practice. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you register yourself for a test series, best suited for your preparation and sincerely attempt all the papers on time as that will determine your success and will create the fine line between rankers and the repeaters.

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