Secure GATE 2019: Engineering Mathematics – The Most Underrated Subject

The countdown for the GATE examination has already begun. The students are busy working hard and giving their best to achieve their dream of cracking the GATE exam. Most of the students though are masters of their subjects but face issues while preparing for Engineering Mathematics for GATE. Today we would like to address all those issues and help you score good marks without worrying about how to prepare for Engineering Mathematics for the GATE examination.

GATE is a national level exam conducted every year for 24 disciplines of engineering. It primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. The exam consists of 65 questions to be solved within 3 hours. Two types of questions are asked in GATE – Objective Type and Numerical Type. Virtual calculators will be provided to solve numerical type questions.

Through this article we want to help the students not only to know what is needed to be done while preparing for the subject but to also know about what must be avoided.

Know the Subject:

Irrespective of the branch of engineering that you are applying with, Engineering Mathematics is a common subject. It mostly accounts for similar marks and except for some minute difference the overall syllabus for the subject is same. Engineering Mathematics has an average weight age of 10-15 marks in the GATE examination from total of 100 marks.

GATE is a very competitive examination with just 16% of the students clearing the exam.  A subject which has 10% weightage in the examination can actually create a huge difference if practiced with utmost care and precision. Engineering Mathematics is a tricky subject to tackle with, as it can either fetch you full marks and increase your rank tremendously or take you out of the race. Though the subject is difficult to manage but the type of concepts asked in the examination is mostly repetitive in nature. So here are the tips to prepare Engineering Mathematics for GATE:

  1. Syllabus: Before starting the preparation make sure to have the syllabus in hand. The students can check the syllabus of engineering mathematics. Make sure to go through the syllabus once before you start your preparation. The topics mentioned in the syllabus like Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, discrete mathematics etc have already been covered during the graduation so they wouldn’t be difficult to understand. What is needed while going through the syllabus is to know what specifics are included within these topics. Once you are done with the syllabus the next step is previous year papers.
  2. Previous year questions: Previous year papers are needed for both practicing in the later stage and knowing the trend of the examination. Going through the papers you can get an idea of which topics are important and require more concentration and practice. While going through the papers make sure to mark the topics in the syllabus and also mention about the marks they carry. This trend of the paper will help you during the preparation. You must first cover all the important topics and then move to the less important ones. The analysis has to be specific to your particular branch as the syllabus for the exam varies slightly across the branches. This analysis can also be done for a particular topic across the questions of all the branches. The Previous year paper only provides you a trend of the subject pattern. Make sure not to leave any topic only because it has not been asked in the past years. Anything and everything written in the syllabus can be asked in the GATE examination.
  3. Books: After knowing about the syllabus and yearly trend make sure to choose your books wisely. Of the many books available in the market make sure to pick up only that book which can help clear your basics and provide you a strong foothold on the subject. Rest mathematics is only about practice and only that will gain you marks. Reading similar topic from many books with no practice would be of no help.
  4. Notes: Once you are ready with the books you want to refer to. Make sure to make notes of the topic and the respective formulae and proofs. Unlike other subjects where you once must only read the book, in Mathematics it is necessary to make notes of the formulae. This will help you while attempting the questions based on the topic as you will not have to scan through the entire book.
  5. Good coaching material: If you are having an issue choosing the best book for yourself, pick up study material from a good coaching. The coaching makes sure to provide the students best of what is available in the market. The coaching booklets also have a section providing you insight into the yearly trends of previous papers. There are lots of practices questions also in the course material of MADE EASY which help you score good marks in Engineering Mathematics and improve your rank highly.
  6. Practice: As already mentioned, Mathematics is a subject of practice. Unless you practice the questions lots of times the subject does not guarantee you marks. Therefore, make sure that once you are done with the theory, practice the proofs, questions and formulae.

Tips & Tricks:

Some quick tips for Engineering Mathematics are:

  1. Study from basic as well as standard Mathematics books to cover the subject completely. You can refer to the MADE EASY Mathematics book which is a one stop solution to all the concepts supplemented with previous year GATE questions of all the branches.
  2. Do not memorize mathematics by mugging up formulae. Mathematics is a smart subject which works not on mugging up but on practice.
  3. Make sure to revise the subject in regular intervals by practicing as many questions as you can from good study sources.
  4. You can join the online test series as that will provide you greater help in mastering the subject. The solutions provided after the test series will help you learn the best and short method of solving the questions which will save you time and score you good marks.
  5. Make sure to have a notebook or e-notes with all the formulae and concepts to help revise the subject whenever and wherever you want to.
  6. Time yourself while practicing the questions. Taking too much time can hamper your progress and taking too less time creates more chances of you making mistakes.

Engineering Mathematics is a challenging subject in GATE but not an impossible one to master. Leaving the subject can cost you heavily and will be a huge mistake on the part of the student. Therefore it is necessary to analyze the questions properly and practice them with dedication and understanding. Make sure to manage your time and keep your calm while practicing the questions. One silly mistake can cost you huge marks. Thus Engineering Mathematics, though a very scoring subject in the GATE examination, requires proper studying pattern and dedication to ace it. We hope we have helped you and provided you a pathway to prepare for Engineering Mathematics. If you have any more doubts about your preparation, syllabus etc regarding engineering mathematics and GATE feel free to write to us. We wish you all the very best.

All The Best for The Exam!

2 thoughts on “Secure GATE 2019: Engineering Mathematics – The Most Underrated Subject

  • January 18, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    I am a diploma student and got lateral entry into B.Tech so what should be my strategy from where should I start. Please help and thanks for the article.

    • January 31, 2019 at 2:24 pm

      Dear Rahul,

      Thank you for writing to us. Whether you are a lateral entry or not, the preparation strategy will not change for either of the candidates.If you work hard and show complete dedication then anything is achievable. Get started with the syllabus and follow the strategy given in the article. You will surely excel in this subject.

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      Team MADE EASY


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