A Third Angle View to Success

You must be thinking what type of title it is but I have the explanation to it. It’s a way of looking a thing from the third quadrant that is from behind the separator of first and third quadrant to know the trick behind the success. Let me show you also from this view. Being an IES aspirant and I have learned many things during my preparation time, not only from my experience but also observing different types of students preparing along with me and I want to share my views and thoughts with the other aaspirants. I know everyone gets demotivated at some point on not achieving the expected results after devoting a lot of effort and time on it. There are many reasons for not getting success even after hard work. I am going to tell you some of the reasons of not getting the success with real life examples. And I am sure that you can find similar situation in your life. And once you know the problem, it will be easier to find the solution before you face the real problem because everyone knows prevention is better than cure. Hope you will enjoy and get motivated at the end.

#M1 What is a magic?

“Magic” You read it right but don’t worry, I am not here to tell you about any magic trick rather I will express my views on what is magic and why it is called so. Here, all I want to convey is that everything in this world is a form of magic but it’s not same for everyone. Let me explain my words. For us magic may be something extraordinary that beyond our imagination but for a magician it’s not. It’s only a simple trick whereas for us it’s not just a trick because we don’t know the logic behind it. Let’s take another example of a bike stuntman; it’s again a simple trick only, because he knows what changes has to be made in the bike so that he can perform his stunt easily and safely but for us it’s again a magic. Concluding from this I just want to say that “Success is magic” and the most important thing is to remember that it’s not for all. The only thing you need to know is the trick to the success. Now you people must be confused what’s that trick and how one must acquire its knowledge.

Let me tell you the basic trick to all forms of magic is finding one’s field of interest. I am pretty sure that many of you have yet not discovered your interest. Now some people may be laughing inside that it’s just a silly thing to be said. You all might be thinking, don’t we know ourselves and our field of interest? Answer to that is very simple, “yes, you know yourself better that any one”. But now ask yourself, are you pursuing the same field? Hardly 10 out of 100 are pursuing it and rest may be pursuing this field due to family, society or peer pressure and are doing something they don’t like without any goal or ambition in their life. People who have the courage to pursue their own interest are the magicians of real life because they know the trick- passion and we are mere spectators of magic shown by them in the same field. So always remember you are the MAGICIAN of your own interests and there is always a stage for your magic in it.

#M2 Focus

Once me and my friend were chatting randomly. I will convey my message through the chat only. Both are preparing for gate. Below is the chat.

He: Are bro I am just fade up of my life.

Me: Why?

He: I am not sure whether I can crack the gate this time or not. Others are doing more hard work than me.

Me:  Don’t look at others bro and don’t worry, give all your efforts, still if won’t succeed we will do a startup.

He:  We are not having a background in that field also.

Me: Amani was also not having; he was merely a tea seller.

He: Everyone can’t be Amani, only some can become Amani and we are not nothing in front of them bro.

Me: You may be counting yourself in the category of those people who can’t succeed (may be 99 out of 100) but I am counting myself among those who can succeed (1 out of 100).

Let’s conclude. There is no other person in this world who is holding you back rather you yourself is the one who is pulling yourself from moving forward. We don’t need to run faster from others to win the race, the only thing we need to do is to free our self so that we can run each moment of the race. Ultimately you will see you are the winner. Don’t look at the other participants during the race just focus on your track. If ever you will look back to find the hand who is puling you from the back, you will always find its your hand only.

#M3 Single opportunity better than multiple opportunities

All of us think that people having lots of opportunities get success in their life but I say people with single opportunity succeed but some conditions applied. I will tell you the conditions but let me first prove my own statement otherwise you people may be thinking what rubbish thing this guy is speaking. Let’s start. There were three guys and they were task to cross the mountain to reach the other side and that within one hour. Guy 1 was given 5 tunnels fully dark so that unless you travel through it you can’t find what’s inside. Option was with him whichever tunnel he may chose. While the other two guys were given only one one tunnel each full of darkness. No one can see each other once entered into the tunnels. The time began and the they started their journey.


Time Guy 1 Guy 2 Guy 3
First 5 mins Thought of which tunnel to travel Started the journey Thought about guy 1 and cursed his own fate for having only one tunnel
Next 15 mins Travelled up to some distance in one tunnel and returned back and chose the other one thinking that it might be easier than the first one. Continued his journey Started his journey
Next 15 mins Again did the same thing as before and chose another one thinking that it he might travel faster and win Continued his journey 5 mins scolded his fate again and thought about the 1st guy and resumed his journey
Next 10 mins Stopped for some minutes and thought whether to change path again or not and resumed his journey Continued his journey Returned back cursing that he also should have more tunnels in option
Last 15 mins Saw the remaining time and realized that he couldn’t win anymore Continued his journey On his return journey
Result Looser Winner Looser


I hope that from this story you people have already drawn the result. So I just want to say that happiness in doing your work always leads you to be a winner.

Never follow the successful persons

Everyone wants to know what the successful people used to do to get success and wants to follow the same path. And if people finds someone they start following them blindly. I am not saying don’t follow anyone rather I am saying don’t follow anyone blindly. Follow them but use your own wit also because everyone and every one’s life is not same. First let me tell you all who is a successful person. You all must be knowing the meaning of successor, it’s a thing which comes after some other thing. As I am an engineering student let me show you pictorially

B is the successor of A.

Similarly, for us a person is successful who is ahead of us in the race. We always think if we follow someone we will reach our destiny. Let me give you people a practical example. A had bike and B had a car, both of them had to reach the same place and they had to use the same path. As B has a car, so A decided to travel just behind B and follow him so that he won’t face any problem and also need not to think much about the road. But but but you can’t imagine what happened after some time. B was travelling and as decided by A he was following B carelessly but still A met an accident all of a sudden but B didn’t. Can you guess why. The reason was a big hole on the road. As B had a car so he passed the hole by adjusting his car so that the whole fell in between the right and the left wheels but A had a bike so he fell as he was not looking at the road rather he was following the car. If instead of following he would have taken care of the road, he surely would not have met the accident. Nothing more to tell because I am sure you people have drawn the conclusion.


At the end I hope that you must have realized that not only choosing a field to work is enough for getting the success but you also need to have interest, self-confidence, lack of resistance by yourself only to move in that path faster than others to complete the path first. Only start doing a work is not enough to complete the work rather sometimes it is required to think before starting a new work. Thank you all for spending sometime on my small piece of writing.

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