IES/ESE 2019 Prelims | PAPER and CUT-OFF Analysis | General Studies

The Prelims stage of Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2019 IES just got over today. The exam was conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the selection in Indian Engineering Services (IES). Mr. B. Singh, CMD MADE EASY, along with the General Studies faculties has analysed the question paper for the students. In this article, we will be sharing detailed review of the paper and what should be the future strategy for the students. The trend of the paper has been constantly shifting in the past few years. Leaving any portion of the syllabus can cost heavily in this scenario.

Now let’s discuss about the subject wise analysis of General Studies and Engineering Aptitude of ESE 2019 Prelims paper:

Current Affairs: The questions were slightly tough and more questions were asked from the Economics. This year 9 questions were asked and their level was form moderate to tough level.

Reasoning and Aptitude: The difficulty level was a notch higher. There were 10 questions and most of them were simple to solve. This year questions were very scoring if they have followed the class notes properly. Predominantly the emphasis has been given to geometry part.

Mathematics: There were 5 questions and questions were easier this year. The questions can be solved very easily and it was a scoring part of the paper.

Design, Drawing and Importance of Safety: This year less number of questions were asked from this subject and only 6 questions were asked from this subject. Questions were asked form AutoCAD which shows that UPSC is shifting towards the latest trends. The questions were more application oriented.

Standards and Quality Practices: This year the level of questions from this subject has gone up and out of the 9 questions asked only three can be deemed to be easy. UPSC is trying to cover the entire syllabus and hence, leaving any part of the syllabus is not a good idea.

Environment: This year the paper is slightly easier and more predictable. The questions were more inclined towards the technical aspect of the subject rather than focusing just on the current affairs part.

Project Management: There was a huge diversity in the type of questions asked as compared to the questions asked in the previous years. Two numerical type of questions were also asked in this subject. This year 11 questions were asked in this subject.

Material Science: This year 14 questions were asked from this subject. This year the focus has been on specific topics like Crystallography etc. Huge weightage was given to the polymers, ceramics and alloys.

ICT: This year the focus was more on the networking part. This year 10 questions were asked. The level of the question was from moderate to very tough.

Ethics: This year the number of questions has doubled form that of the number asked in last year. This year 14 questions were asked in this subject. There were more number of close ended questions.

If we take a comprehensive overview of the question paper then, the level of question paper was tougher than that of the previous year. To get a more in-depth analysis of the paper and success strategy from Mr. B. Singh, please watch the video given below:

UPSC ESE/IES Prelims 2019 Paper-1 (GS and Engineering Aptitude) Analysis

For in-depth analysis of cut-off and answer keys, read the article given below:

IES/ ESE 2019 Prelims Exam Answer Key and Detailed Solutions

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