What does it take to become a topper?

Every year GATE examination is conducted and lakhs of students appear for the examination with great enthusiasm and dreams to crack the exam and some of the students become GATE Topper too. The students dream of getting a good college for post graduation or a reputed PSU to work at. While for some this dream comes true on the day of the examination. due to the low success rate in the examination, most of the dreams are shattered.

GATE is a national level examination conducted every year for the students of engineering and science to shape their future beautifully. The exam opens various avenues for the candidates like post graduation, PSU jobs, scholarship etc which is why it is the most sort after examination. Lakhs of students sit for the examination every year as it tests your conceptual clarity in the stream you are applying from. This examination demands high dedication and sincerity from the students as the success rate of the examination is low.

This article is aimed to help the GATE aspirants understand what it takes to become a GATE Topper. The article explains the dos and don’ts of getting success in an examination

5 Things you Must Avoid for Being a GATE Topper.

1. Last Moment Preparation:

There is a lot of time for the GATE 2020 examination and most of you might have already started the preparation. For those who haven’t it is now a good time to start your preparation. You have enough time to study, learn, revise and practice before the final examination.Leaving the preparation for the last moment leaves you with very less time and lot of syllabus to cover. Though some students may say that the syllabus of GATE coincides with what they have studies for 4 years in college, but still it is important to read and revise them in the GATE examination pattern.

2. Choose What is Best for Exam and Not What is Best for You:

Our brain can be easily manipulated and it very easily gives up on things. It thinks it is very difficult and complex to manage. Well, for those cases, it is important that you think of the exam and then prepare.

If you do not understand any topic, do not leave it, instead spend some extra time on it and understand its importance in the examination. Before you know, you will train yourself to take up challenges and easily understand everything you learn.

3. Don’t Be Mediocre:

Mediocrity teaches you to be happy with who you are and what you have. Well, while preparing for GATE 2020 there is a lot of syllabus that you have to complete and whole loads of revision and papers you must practice. In this case mediocrity will be a hurdle in your preparation and you may end up leaving some subjects for the examination.

4. Don’t Procrastinate:

Procrastination, or delaying work is a classic mistake that most of the students do but toppers don’t. If you have prepared a time table, follow it religiously and do not delay it by any chance. Procrastinating only piles up more work and before you know, the exams are near and you have not completed the syllabus, leave aside the revision.

5. Preparing Because Your Friends Are:

GATE is a national level examination and deserves the same request and empathy. Many students have no idea about the examination but they start preparing for it because their friends are or peer pressure from parents. This must be completely avoided. Give the GATE examination only if you are really passionate about it. Only then you will be able to perform well in the examination.

10 things that make the toppers special:

1. They Know Why They Are Doing It :

Well, unlike the others, the toppers are self aware and they know why they are giving the exam and what they are looking for after they crack the exam. A clarity at what you are doing, why you are doing and what you expect out of it is necessary to succeed in any exam or generally in life.

2. Know Your Exam:

Before starting the preparation of any exam you must be thorough with it whereabouts. What the exam is, syllabus of the exam, pattern of exam, what all it offers, books required, good coaching material etc. The toppers before they decide in taking the exam, they make sure to know everything about the exam and inline it with their goals. This helps them in staying clear about the exam during the whole preparation phase.

If they have to join coaching for better guidance and preparation they make sure to join only the best which is renowned for its excellent results.

3. Have a Plan:

‘A goal without a plan is only a wish’. So having a plan is what distinguishes toppers from others. A plan has to be both short term and long term. The short term plan will decide on what you plan in doing or the topics you plan on completing in a day, week or a month, whereas long term goals will help you in deciding how you will go about the exam, when revision starts, when to solve previous year papers start, and when question solving begins.To make a plan, it is extremely necessary to divide the entire syllabus into small parts. So, plan should be made not on the basis of which subject to complete, but instead which topic to be completed when.

If you have joined a coaching class then this will be way as you can inline your preparation with your class routine, if not then you can decide it either in your own or maybe from some test series of any coaching institute. It has correctly been said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

One must always remember the topics to be studied in various subjects and after you are done with your daily study, make a mental note whether you fulfilled the goals of the day. After that, find out the reasons for any deviation and take remedial measures for any distraction or diversion.

4. Learn from Your Mistakes:

Toppers are not just the ones who cracked the exam in the first go, instead they are also those who despite failing got up again and cleared the exam. For these toppers failure is not about sitting and crying over what they did not get through, instead it is about learning from their failures and refusing to repeat the same mistake again. Thus, the toppers believe in learning from their mistakes and do not let failure run them down or you’ll down their confidence. Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

Thus, whether it is test series or some practice papers do not let your marks pull down your confidence. Rather take it as a learning. You will surely not make the same mistakes in the examination. So allow yourself to make all the mistakes before the GATE examination so that you make none in the exam.

5. Start Beforehand:

Instead of waiting for the last minute studies, the toppers are the early birds who start their preparation beforehand and right before the exam, they are only revising and recalling everything they have read. This gives them enough time to read and also helps in being thorough with what you read and give your best in the examination. Starting preparation before hand also is good because then you don’t have to leave any subject or topic due to the paucity of time.You have enough time for completing your full syllabus, giving due regard to the aptitude part of the examination. The key to every topper’s success is thus early preparation. An early head-start gives a complete edge to a GATE topper and his preparation. Although it is never too late to start, try to be as early a runner in the race as possible.

6. Time Management:

Time Management is a great technique which everyone must learn from the toppers. They are fully sorted about when to take a break when to study, when revise and when sleep. A management in your lifestyle makes your body accustomed to the particular format and you become more efficient at what you do. Instead of wasting time thinking what you have to do next, you must manage your time well. Fill in the small gaps between studies too with something productive to do like reading newspaper.

Have a clear picture of the time regarding month, week, days and hours. Keeping a track of all your activities that you perform during the day from the time you get up till you go to sleep, will help you avoid the unproductive activities and balance the schedule of your studies.

7. Smart Reading:

This mantra is always found in the habits of GATE topper. The market is flooded with books on each subject and topic, reading more material will only makes you more confused about concepts. Proper guidance is required to make sure you are reading limited but quality material which will help build a strong conceptual base.

If you have not joined any coaching institute, you can take the distant learning course of any institute. This will give you the best of any topic in one concise book. The coaching materials are prepared by R&D experts who go through all the books to only give the students the most relevant material for the GATE examination.

8. Understand More and Memorize Less:

Most of the students believe in the power of mugging and clearing the exam. While this may have worked in school, the GATE examination is an altogether different ball game. Memorizing concepts and problem-solving methods will not take you a long way. Since the questions are not repeated every year, you cannot move ahead by memorizing solutions to specific problems. Do it the GATE topper way and understand more than you memorize.

9. Stay Motivated:

Staying motivated and believing in yourself during the entire preparation phase sometimes gets tough. But it is extremely important in order to become a GATE topper. Working hard is important, but the true soul of a topper’s preparation is his belief in himself. This is one of the best habits of GATE topper. Have the confidence to tell yourself that you have what it takes and can crack the exam with a good score, everyday. Such self motivation is always a mood booster and will help you get through the storm.

10. Healthy Body and Mind:

While the above points relate to how you must prepare, what is also important is to keep your machinery going. Only a healthy body and mind will reap healthy results. So make sure you eat good things and stay away from tension. You must also take regular breaks and intervals to refresh your mind. Do not let yourself get bogged down from all the preparation. In your free time you can actually go out with friends, read a good book or maybe sleep.

The preparation phase surely gets tough and the one common mistake most students make is no body movement. For your body to stay healthy make sure you are doing some physical exercise. Whether it is yoga, running, walking or exercising. Physical movement of the body will help keep your body healthy and your mind fresh. This will reflect fully in your studies and your results.


Every student longs to become a GATE topper but does not know what is it that toppers do differently. Well, with the many toppers talk we have had and the many toppers we have met, these are some of the common things. While these pointers look easy and simple to read but may be difficult to follow. You may face some discomfort at the early stage. But as you become used to the routine, you will inherit it very nicely. Eventually, you will come out as a winner in the GATE 2020 examination.

MADE EASY wishes all the very best to all the candidates who are appearing for the GATE examination. There is still time for the examination so work sincerely towards your goals. We hope that our guidance will act as a stepping stone in your dream towards excellence. We wish you all come out with flying colors after the GATE examination. Feel free to write to us if you have any queries or anything you want us to write about.

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  • July 31, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    How effective is self study while I can’t clear my doubts every time ? What will be the best approach then? Does test series have all different types of questions to clarify all concepts?

    • August 1, 2019 at 2:18 pm

      Dear Candidate,

      Thanks for writing to us. Online Test Series is designed by our Research & Development Team in order to make it one of the most effective test series for GATE and ESE. Test Series is a tried and tested method of getting success in the examination. You should always complement your self-study with Online test Series and Postal Study Package.

      This will keep you on the track and provide you the required guidance for this exam. Otherwise, one can easily get lost and distracted amid the humongous syllabus of these examinations.

      Team MADE EASY

  • August 11, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    Madam/sir, please write about
    1.how to revise effectively all subjects ??
    2.How to approach to solve numerical questions for gate and how to pick good quality questions?
    These are very important and many aspirants queries. Please write about this topic.

    • August 25, 2019 at 12:05 pm

      Dear Candidate,

      Thanks for writing to us. We will surely try to incorporate these topics in our future articles. Thanks for your valuable suggestion. Keep Reading.

      Team MADE EASY


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