Importance of Time Management: The Most Precious Resource

We all have the same number of hours in our lives to spend but seldom do we think about importance of time management and time as a resource which is very precious and must be spent with care. We live in an amazing time where we have been blessed with abundance of information, connections and internet which is just a click away. But what we still do not have in abundance is time, which is the most valuable thing one possesses on the earth. Time is something that determines your present and your future. If you want to achieve your goals and live your dreams, managing time is the most important thing that one must learn and practice sincerely.

Time is a non-renewable resource as once it’s gone, it cannot be brought back. Many students prepare for the GATE or ESE Examination, but what makes the toppers different from the others is how they manage their time. Therefore, the students must realize the importance of time management.

This is the time when most of the students are busy preparing for the ESE or GATE Exam and trying their level best to achieve their life goals. In this scenario it is extremely important that students do not get carried away in their preparation and create stress in their brain. This stress can in the short run help you study more but in the long run will generate fatigue and can adversely affect your health and the studying pattern.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary that students are taught the importance of time management. This will be beneficial not only during the examination time but also in later stages of life when you start working.  Well, we all have heard of time management and how time as a resource is the most precious. Today we want to discuss about time, its importance and management.

Time Management

Time management is a very smart technique of organizing, planning and exercising conscious control over your value of time. It enables one to work smarter, by deriving maximum results from the minimum time available. It helps you in scheduling your time depending on the activities in hand, so that all the work is completed in the provided time even if performed under pressure. The first principle of the importance of time management is that one should know his/her priorities, obligations and schedule. When time is managed well, you will benefit in all areas of life. Always remember to ‘Use your value of time wisely as Time is what we want most, but what we use worst’.

What is the importance of time management:

1. Do more in less time:

Whenever we have a lot of work at hand, we start to panic about how will we be able to complete all the tasks in the given time period. Panic further delays our work and we end up not being able to complete any task. In such a situation, it is always advisable that one must first write down all the tasks that you must complete and then divide the available time between all the tasks. This will give you a fair idea of the work to be done and the time required to complete the particular task. This technique of the importance of time management also makes you disciplined and you can always complete more tasks in lesser time.

Similar situation is also faced by the students while preparing for the GATE or ESE examination as they have a lot of syllabus to cover in a small amount of time. Time-management comes in really handy for students in order to complete the syllabus on time. Before going to bed or after waking up in the morning, the first thing one should do is to list out everything that you have to do on that particular day and allot specific time in your time table for each subject and topic. This will not only make your day planned but also you will realize that striking one thing at a time from the list encourages you to complete the task in hand and makes you more efficient.

  1. Achieve Goal Faster: When you take control over your valuable time, your ability to focus increases which leads to increased efficiency. With greater efficiency, one is able to breeze through the task in hand very easily and thus achieves his/her goals faster. So one of the smarter ways to work hard is to actually control your time as a resource, make a plan and stick to it and in this way you will achieve your goal faster.
  2. Boost confidence: When you practice the importance of time management with full dedication and sincerity, you do not leave any place for procrastination. Every day time management makes you more disciplined and encourages you to complete your task in the given time period. Once the task is completed, you feel optimistic and it thus boosts your confidence.
  3. Energy to achieve more: When you have planned out everything and you have achieved your goal, you feel confident. It inspires you to achieve more and fills you with the energy to set higher goals and attain them too. While preparation, you may start preparing by studying for just 4 hours a day, but when you become consistent and you see yourself growing and being able to answer the questions you earlier had trouble with, you get inspired and you end up increasing your studying time. Earlier while you thought it was impossible to study for long, it only takes you a month of sincerely following techniques of time management and before you know you are studying for 8-10 hours a day.

2. Make work fulfilling and life meaningful:

Every morning we wake up with loads of work in hand but without any plan or any schedule it all seem meaningless. Making a plan and managing your value of time well provides a meaning to your life and doing the work makes you satisfied. If you practice the importance of time management for students, you will realize that you will never feel that you have nothing to do in life because your every day will be planned down to each second.Students too face this problem while preparing for the GATE or ESE examination. They have a lot of syllabus to complete but without a plan they just keep procrastinating things and end up cribbing about not having enough time to study. One must understand that time is never the problem, but it’s management which creates a difference. Right from the day you start preparing, write down your syllabus and manage your time well in advance providing enough time for studying, revision and test series. Breaking your goal into monthly and weekly plans will help you manage your time well and thus will add meaning to your life when you have fulfilled the task at hand, which in turn will inspire you to achieve your goals.

  1. More opportunitiesIf you can manage your time and complete the task in hand you can utilize the remaining time in learning about other varied opportunities. When you work efficiently you can also take out time for a break between your studies, complete a book that you had planned of reading and go out with friends to refresh your mood.The more you learn, the more you will grow both in professional and personal life. Thus time will give you that extra edge of reading a particular book which will help in making your concepts stronger and you may be able to attempt all the questions in the examination correctly.
  2. Improves decision making abilityWhether you use an app to manage your time or go old school with making list and doing your task, one extra benefit of time management is improvement in your decision making ability. Through time management you learn how to take tough decisions in the limited time allotted to you.This is really helpful when you are giving your exam as you have lots of questions to do in the limited time period therefore it is necessary that you understand and decide on which questions you want to attempt and which ones you are not very sure of. Thus it improves your decision making ability to choose the best for yourself.
  3. Become more successful: Unlike many others around you, who are only following someone or the other, importance of time management gives you the power to take control of your life and to lead it your own way. Time management is the key to success. As you keep managing your time day after day, you start taking tough decisions, owning your time and being able to complete your task with full efficiency. These characteristics are signs of being a perfect leader and of a successful person.

3. End Indecisiveness:

Too much task in hand to complete, makes one indecisiveness of what needs to be completed first and what at the last. While doing a particular task also you are not able to concentrate wondering about the other task that you have to complete. This indecisiveness leads to delay in all the tasks and you end up not completing either of them on time. When you have managed and planned each task then you do not have to worry when to complete the task, instead you try to complete it in the time allotted as you know that later you have another task too.

ESE and GATE have a lot of subjects that must be conceptually understood and well-read before appearing for the exam. Before starting the preparation, students get confused and are unable to decide which subject to study when and in this indecisiveness they sometimes waste days and weeks without starting the preparation.

So before you begin make a list of all the subjects you have to study and depending on their weight age in the examination make a plan giving equal importance to all the subjects while concentrating a little more on the core subjects. This will help you in preparing for the examination well and you will be able to complete before time with full understanding.

  1. Reduces stress: When one does not have control over their time, they tend to be tensed and worried all the time. This tension and worry further delays your task and you are not sure by when you can complete a topic that you had been reading or complete the test paper you were supposed to practice. Once you learn how to manage your time, you are no more subjected to such worries and you stay stress free.Thus, time management is good for your health as it provides you the clarity of completing a particular task. You are able to estimate the time you will need to complete a particular task and instead of wasting time in stressing over your preparation you can instead take out time to go out with a friend.
  2. Less friction and problems: Inability to complete a task creates tension and friction within our brain. We tend to get frustrated and become negative about everything around. Whereas if we achieve our targets or more than something we had planned, we tend to become confident and really positive about ourselves. So through time management, if you start achieving your daily target you will never be under confident and while studying also you will realize that you will be able to solve any problem or find a solution to any query that you earlier struggled with.
  3. Less effort: With less effort and problems, any question or topic that you will sit to study will be a piece of cake for you. Where you earlier took an hour to complete a particular topic, it will now take you only 20-30 minutes to complete the topic with greater concentration and lesser effort. No matter how you slice it a day is only of 24 hours and it is necessary that we make the most of it, by outing in our effort and achieving our goals on time.

Time is a capital that we all possess and is free but still we should be really careful while spending it. We all have goals in our lives of cracking the GATE or ESE examination; we must treasure our goals and use our time in a manner that brings us closer to our goals. We all should enjoy the time in hand while we should also respect it equally. Instead of wasting time in things that are of no importance, use this time to mould yourselves like clay into an ideal person that we all dream of.

We hope this article will inspire you and encourage you to use your time as a resource wisely. If you have any more queries regarding the importance of time management we would love to hear from you. Until then, Keep Reading.

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