Civil Engineering: IES/ESE 2020 Prelims | PAPER and CUT-OFF Analysis

The Prelims stage of Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2019 IES was conducted on 5th January, 2020. The exam was conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for the selection in Indian Engineering Services (IES). Mr. B. Singh, CMD MADE EASY, along with the Civil Engineering faculties has analysed the question paper for the students. In this article, we will be sharing detailed review of the paper and what should be the future strategy for the students. The trend of the paper has been constantly shifting in the past few years. Leaving any portion of the syllabus can cost heavily in this scenario.

Now let’s discuss about the Topic Wise analysis of Civil Engineering of ESE 2020 Prelims paper:

RCC: The number of questions has remained the same as compared to the last year i.e. 12. The questions are from all the different topics of the syllabus. The questions were very direct in nature. There were certain tricky questions in the question paper and require deeper understanding of the subject. Students from our classroom program were able to solve most of the questions with comfort.

Environmental Engineering: Total 14 questions were asked and all the questions were theoretical in nature. The questions were very easy and simple. There was objectivity in the questions and this section was very scoring this year.

Highway and Survey: There were only 7 questions asked this year as compared to 12 questions asked last year. The level of questions is a little easier as compared to the previous years. Few topics have not been touched due to less number of questions asked this year.

Fluid Mechanics: This year comparatively 10 questions were asked in this subject. Those students have benefited a lot in this subject who had covered the entire syllabus. Not a lot of calculations are required this year. Out of 10 questions, 6 questions are easy and 4 questions are a bit tricky.

Structure Analysis: Around 6 questions were asked and the questions were evenly distributed covering the entire syllabus. The questions were easy and straightforward. You have to cover the entire syllabus with in-depth analysis to clear this exam.

Strength of Materials: This year 20 questions were asked from this subject as compared to 17 questions asked in the last year. Almost all the topics were covered and the level of questions was easy. Leaving 4-5 questions, remaining all the questions were straighforward.

Soil Mechanics: This year 14 questions were asked as compared to 13 questions asked in the previous year. Half of the questions were numerical in nature. All the topics have been covered this year.

Hydrology: There were only 4 questions asked this year. The questions asked in this subject were very simple and can be easily solved.

Building Materials: Last year there were 13 questions asked from this subject. This year 15 questions were asked. There are few questions which were out of the box and are difficult to solve. Still, 70% of the questions can be easily attempted.

Steel Structure: This year 13 questions were asked compared to 12 questions asked in the last year. Few questions were completely out of the box and were really difficult for the students to solve. All the questions were conceptual in nature.

Railway Engineering: This is one of the unconventional topics but still 8 questions were asked. So the cost of ignorance is quite high. 6 out of 8 questions can be directly answered from the class notes.

If we take a comprehensive overview of the question paper then, this paper was relatively easier. To get a more in-depth analysis of the paper and success strategy from Mr. B. Singh, please watch the video given below:

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For in-depth analysis of cut-off and answer keys, read the article given below:

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