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Every year the Indian Engineering Examination is conducted in the month of January. Students have started their preparation and are working hard to clear the exam and ensure a safe and successful career. Indian Engineering Services (IES) is considered one of the toughest examination in the nation due to the vast syllabus it covers and the high level of competition.

Indian Engineering Services also known as IES is one of the most sought after exam for the engineering graduates. Along with providing a job of high respect and demeanour, IES allows the engineering graduates to bring their 4 years of hard work into practice while also serving the country. Thus, the job provides for all one wants and aims for his/her future.

The Indian Engineering Examination is conducted in three phases:

  • Stage I: It is a (Preliminary/Stage-I) Examination which has Objective Type Papers for the selection of applicants for the Stage-II Engineering Services (Main/Stage-II) Examination. There will be negative marking. One-Third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question will be subtracted as the penalty for every wrong answer.
S No. Paper Time Duration Marks
1. Paper-I (General Studies and Engineering Aptitude) 2 hrs 200
2. Paper-II (Engineering Subject) 3 hrs 300
3. Total 5 hrs 500
  • Stage II: Applicants who get qualify in Stage-I will appear in Engineering Services (Main/Stage-II) Examination which is Conventional Type Papers.
S No. Paper Time Duration Marks
1. Paper-I ( Engineering Subject ) 3 hrs 300
2. Paper-II (Engineering Subject) 3 hrs 300
3. Total 6 hrs 600
  • Stage III: Personality Test.

The Indian Engineering Examination constitutes of a written test followed by an interview for the personality test. The recruitment of qualified applicants is performed under the following branches:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

An applicant for this exam must have attained at least age of 21 years and more than the age of 30 years on the 1st January 2019, i.e., he/she must have been born between 2nd January 1989 and 1st January 1998. Age relaxation is there for SC/ST/OBC and others candidates as per the government rules.

The above information will provide you a brief about the examination along with the pattern and the type of subjects needed. After a summary of the exam it is time to actually know how to start your preparation for IES.

Every year lots of students after their graduation and some during the graduation start preparing for the ESE examination to reap maximum benefits. While there is no perfect time and strategy for the examination but there are some pointers and important things that one must know during the preparation phase in order to clear the exam.

Ready to prepare?

We hope you have decided on preparing for the exam and are all set to clear the exam with full dedication and sincerity. While some of you may have already begin your studies some are still awaiting the right moment. This article is for all the students to guide them and help them on their journey to excellence.

1. Begin with a bang:

Every start should be filled with enthusiasm and lots of confidence. This makes the start all worth it and you want to continue and enjoy the journey ahead. So when starting the preparation for ESE make sure to be clear about the exam, why you want to give it and other important things. This will help you start motivated in the journey ahead. So some ways in which you can actually start your preparation with a bang are:

  1. Know your syllabus: Before starting, know the syllabus of the exam with respect to your stream. As the syllabus is vast you don’t to waste time in the not necessary part of the exam, but instead on the important subjects and topics.
  2. Make a plan: Based on your syllabus make a study plan for yourself. This will help you in not derailing from the studies and systematically completing all the subjects that are necessary for the examination. Making a plan and following it sincerely is half the work done for the preparation, the rest is to be true to yourself and then your subjects well.
  3. Books: A plan will not make sense if you are not aware of which books to be read. There are lots of books in the market, the shops are flooded with multiple books for a single subject. Reading all is waste of time, energy and you will not be able to complete the syllabus on time. So choose the best books that is suitable to your style and inclined with the syllabus and go ahead. The study material from coaching institutes are also a great way of reading from the correct books. You can either join an institute or opt for postal study courses.
  4. Coaching or not: Due to the high level of competition that the exam has to offer correct guidance is also needed in every walk of preparation. For this guidance, you can always opt for coaching institutes that are highly efficient and have experience of teaching of ESE since years. If there is no coaching nearby you can either join summer classes for guidance purpose.

2. Keep up the spirit:

While starting strong is important, keeping up the spirit all through is also necessary. The long process of preparation that the examination demands sometimes becomes too much for the students and they tend to lose out on their confidence. The social media also plays a very negative role during the examination if not handled with care. One must stay motivates and high spirited all through the examination to continue the process till the final examination. Various ways in which one can keep up the spirit are:

  1. Prepare properly: Always have a plan and prepare accordingly. Having no plan will result in not being able to take the correct path to success.
  2. Keep yourself motivated: There are various ways to stay motivated, watch toppers talk, inspirational videos, meditation, talk to hour friends and read good books. These all will help you in staying motivated and not losing out on your self during the preparation phase.
  3. Notes: Note making is an art and if practiced well really helps you in keeping up the spirit. If you are making notes, it will help you concentrate better on what you are reading. Also once you have completed the syllabus or any particular topic, notes help you in easy revision and quick learning.
  4. Take breaks: only studies and no breaks will make you dull and your brain slow. Therefore, keep taking breaks in between your learning sessions. These breaks not only act as refreshment but also as catalyst to your preparation. However, too many breaks can also hamper your studies as then you will have less time to study and more to take breaks. In this break go for a walk, talk to a friend or do any recreational activity that freshmen you up.
  5. No procrastination: Do not leave anything for later, as that will never come. So whatever you have to study or what you think is important do it there and then and do not procrastinate. Even for syllabus, reD everything that is there in the syllabus and do not leave any topic or subject.

3. End the game with success:

Starting and preparation are an important phase and the phase which will decide your fate is the end game. So end the game with full confidence and attain success. Someone said that you succeed when you want success a badly as you want to breathe. So make success part of you and do all you can.

  1. Revision: As specified always make notes as they are great revision techniques. So revise all your subjects as and when they are completed and also before the exam. Along with notes revise the questions you gave practiced, rests you have given and everything else that you think is important.
  2. Practice: Practice and practice till you become perfect. From previous year papers to rest series, sample papers, online test, CBT practice for the ESE 2020 examination as much as you can. Practice will act as revision and also you may learn new concepts or application while practicing.

Right from the time when the first thought of giving the exam clicks you to the time when you have finally given the examination every part is important. Do not miss out or get slow in any phase. The examination calls for an energetic individual who can start strong, continue the spirit and the game with the same confidence. You too are required to do the same.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Do start your preparation today if you haven’t yet. There still is a lot of time for miracles through your hard work. ESE 2020 is in January and you can make the most of the time that is left. So instead of wondering about the time that has gone, give your best shot at the time that is left.

We hope this article will really help you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts. We love to year from you. All the very best for your preparation and may you succeed in all your future endeavors.

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